The Biography of Bérêche & fils

The history of Bérêche & fils traces back to 1779 when the Maison firm was founded in Lunéville, France, by Jacques-Ignace Berèche. He began his activities as a silversmith using precious metals to make candlesticks and other everyday objects. After the death of his father in 1785, Ferdinand David Berèche joined his brother and worked with him. Their collaboration led to new techniques of gilding silver objects which became highly successful. As a result, in 1834 the Bérêche brothers received the Knighthood of the Légion d’honneur for their craftsmanship

Bérêche & fils, S.A. was founded in 1798 by Jean-Baptiste Bérêche in the French town of Contrexéville. The company became well known for its production of fine gravities and then water purifiers and stoves that are still in use today. Bérêche & fils is a family business that creates perfumes inspired by love and happiness. The company, founded in 2000, works alongside a creative team of journalists, designers, and perfumers to create unique scents with an unmistakable, vibrant signature. Their element: the essence of flowers. Their benchmark: happy women who like to be noticed for their individuality and style. Bérêche & fils was born in 2000 from the meeting of two passionate universes:

Online wine auction was founded in to bring trade to the areas of Savoy. The brand has developed over the years into a refinery for natural oils and spices: it is now a major player in the distribution chain for geographically protected food products. Bérêche & fils is an international company that creates premium automotive lamps for luxury cars. Based in France, the company’s story started in 1853 with François-Vincent Bérêche, a watchmaker who used tiny pieces of glass to illuminate the face of a watch. Since then, the family-owned business has passed through the hands of four generations of watchmakers. Today Bérêche & fils’ products are covered by car enthusiasts around the world. Bérêche & Fils was founded in 1850 by James BERÊCHE and his son Louis AUGUSTE. The shop began with a selection of cutlery hand-made in the English tradition and underwent several transformations until it became the company we know today.

In 1778, Bérêche took over the small workshop of a bankrupt barrel maker to continue working in a trade he had learned from his father. They became renowned for the excellence of their wine barrels and by the late 18th century were producing casks for some of Champagne’s finest clients. But, as with many families of the era, tragedy struck. Napoleon’s invasion forced several family members to flee France to avoid execution during the war. Those who remained were forced to swear an oath of loyalty to the new government or face a similar fate – just one example of how turbulent these times were. The distraught Bérêches sought refuge in the then German village of Rudesheim, accompanied by only a few trusted employees. Following a year-long exodus, they returned to Reims with hope and determination to rebuild their business.

The history of Berêche & Fils begins in the heart of the Savoie, with the founding of a firm manufacturing wool combs in 1850. Little by little, the company extended its range of products, which gradually included knitting needles, shoe horns, and then writing instruments, to which it is now exclusively devoted. Its latest acquisition has been that of Yves Saint Laurent writing instruments, which has caused its reputation to be firmly established throughout the world. The name BERÊCHE is a leading one in France for quality and innovation.

Clement Bérêche (1832-1903) a brilliant pastry chef, opens the first pastry workshop in his region, at the head of his two sons. His son Adrien (1868-1948) is the founder of our company, and it is with him that the success story begins… On a little corner near Paris, this cake shop becomes very popular thanks to Adrien Bérêche’s exquisite creations but also thanks to his policy of création dishes. The family business gathers momentum up until today, following in the footsteps of our founders. In 2017, we decided to take an important step with our new brand that bears our family name.

From the Michelin Guide: “Innovative cuisine that focuses on product quality, including inventive foams and ice creams, made in-house, with more than 35 possibilities for dessert. The hallmark of the restaurant has always been its attention to presentation, with each dish and the tableware it’s served meticulously coordinated.”

This is the story (le), of BÉRÊCHE & FILS SA. The page you are now reading takes place in a more recent time and was written to bring you up to date with their status as one of the foremost producers of salted butter in Switzerland. From 1926 onwards, Bérêche & fils has been operating from the same site at Loomis. The company is still run by members of the Bérêche family, indeed three generations of who were named Albert; and two generations of who were named André. The company knows how to conjure up the richness of experience gained over many years, relying on intuition and common sense, which over time have become an integral part of their culture, for good reason too!

Bérêche & fils was a family of artisanal makers and restorers famous for their extraordinarily beautiful small-scale ivory carvings of animals and rare flowers. The product range is confined to work produced in the small atelier behind their home in the Marais district of Paris, where it was started by Jean-Pierre Bérêche in 1797. For much of their early history, working conditions were primitive and some might say unsuitable for a modern company: many molds were carved from boxwood templates so as not to waste time on cutting multiple block models from costly ivory. But the final figures were wonderfully perceptive: elegant and lifelike despite being only five or six centimeters high.

The Bérêche & fils story begins a little over 100 years ago during the Belle Epoque. Established in 1919, Bérêche & fils is a family business that has been passed down for four generations: from father to son and from son to grandson. This business started with Mr. Bérêche who, after having left France for America, moved to Mexico to develop his trade and sell his products. While there, he met his future wife and gave new life to the company by putting his heart and soul into it, nurturing it as if it were his newborn baby. The Bérêche & fils brand is not well known in French-speaking countries and its notoriety outside of Mexico remains very limited. This family business continues on its path of success with the same devotion that has always characterized its leaders ─ Mr. Bérêche’s son and grandson ─ who have always taken great pride in maintaining their reputation through their quality products, the craftsmanship of their manufacturing process, and the sincerity of their service.

Bérêche & fils endeavors to maintain the trust of its clients, to treat them as family, and to excel in everything that it does. Established in 1748, and headquartered in Macon France since 1822, Bérêche & fils is a company whose reputation has spread throughout the world. The word « Poids » in the name of the firm stands for quality and tradition. Indeed, this family-run business has been meeting the same exacting standards and expectations since its inception.

Bérêche & fils is a Champagne House based in Langres, France. It was founded in 1827 by Louis-Félix Bérêche who opened a wine shop at an early age and began importing wines from major European countries. He then started selling high-quality French wines before finally turning to the production of Champagne. At first, the House’s stills were set up in the wine cellar but after Guillaume III’s death in 1876, his wife – Marie-Adelaide – moved them to another location. Consequently, Nadine and René – the children of Louis-Félix and great-grandchildren of Guillaume – opened a winery at their own expense on the rue de la Vallée in Châtillon-Sur-Seine with production beginning in 1886. This is when René also took over management of the business on behalf of his mother. After years of experiencing success, René Bérêche passed away in 1933 leaving behind his young widow and two daughters – Maryse and Renée – who continued running the business with great passion and professionalism. In 1945, Maryse married Jean Flageul and together they ran the Champagne House

Bérêche & Fils is a small family vineyard established in 1882. It has a striking presence in the heart of Alsace because of its beautiful buildings, its garden, and the stunning views that it enjoys. The third generation of this fourth-generation family business is now taking the lead. This documentary film, made by François Schmitt with the contribution of Paul Haeberlin and Hubert Lamant will give you an insight into the mysteries of wine, following Mr. Thierry Bérêche through his vineyards and winery.

The guiding principles of Béréche & Fils, established in 1863, are unparalleled today: commitment to quality and long-term client relationships. Based in the town of Sancerre, in the heart of the wine region of the Loire Valley, the company has always relied on relationships built on corporate culture and tradition, recognized by the press and the wine industry. The Bérêche & Fils Group is one of France’s leading wine merchants.

A professor of genetics in the middle of the French Revolution, Pierre-Louis Bérêche and his family fled to the South of France to avoid persecution. There they found an ideal setting with rich soil, warm weather, and an abundance of botanicals that would eventually lead him to plant the first vines in the region. Today a tiny remnant of his original vines still grows in Nîmes and is the basis for our Blanc – Sauvignon wine. The Berêche family has been cultivating vines in the region of Bordeaux since the 16th century. Today, Marc Berêche, who took over the winemaking estate from his father in 2008, is steering its remarkable metamorphosis into one of the most exciting properties in all of Médoc.