The Original Cannabis Cafe Hollywood and History of Legalization

With cannabis becoming legal now in the states, Hollywood has just opened up The Original Cannabis Cafe. Original Cannabis Cafe is the first cannabis restaurant in America. They are highly popular and carry many CBD products for everyone. Cannabis Grow Guide and the legalization of it has definitely come a long way here in America. California was one of the states where you could not consume weed illegally and now it’s an all in for the state. The shop also has food crafted by the famous chef Andrea Drummer. There is so much to learn about this wonderful business especially the shop within Hollywood that is set to bring so many changes to the area.

History of Weed Consumption in California

California passed the Poison and Pharmacy Act back in 1907. This act prohibited the sale of morphine, cocaine, and opium without a prescription. Marijuana was included in this act just 6 years later. California was actually one of the first states to prohibit cannabis. The first marijuana drug raid happened in LA’s Mexican American Sonora town neighborhood back in 1914. By 1925, marijuana possession had some major consequences if caught with the drug. You could get up to 6 years in prison if caught. Thereafter, more severe consequences were added to this law with possible sentences going up to 10 years for possession of marijuana. In 1972, California tried to legalize the herb using the Proposition 19. Sadly, many residents ended up voting down on this. Fast Forward to 1991, almost 80% of voters gave the legalization a thumbs up but by 1992, it was only sold to medical patients by the San Francisco Cannabis Buyers Club. The big day didn’t come until 2016 when legalization of marijuana in California was granted in only dry and concentrated form. As of today, California is only one of 9 states where cannabis is legal recreationally with more soon to follow.

Visiting The Original Cannabis Cafe

The Original Cafe in Hollywood is formerly known as Lowell Cafe. This wonderful cafe operates just like a regular restaurant. They offer servers, and even a wonderful menu with lots to choose from. They offer many cannabis users the option to get high in public but within a comfortable setting. They are all about making sure their customers feel welcome and relaxed. You have the option to smoke weed or even consume edibles while sitting at a table. This is definitely a restaurant worth visiting. They offer entrées and appetizers from grilled cheese to salads. They then have a separate menu for cannabis. You can find many items on the cannabis menu from pre rolls, to just regular cannabis by the gram. They have titled some of their cannabis products as “Start Slow, Go Slow,”  “Tipping,” and “Tokeage Fee.” The setting is beautiful.  The edibles are some of the best around. They offer many edibles that are long-lasting and known to have a delayed onset. For those that would like to bring their own cannabis to the cafe, a $30 fee will added as a tokeage fee. You can enjoy their wide variety of CBD products and afterwards enjoy a bite to eat.

For those ever around the Los Angeles area and enjoy cannabis, this is one cafe that is worth visiting! This is an excellent marijuana restaurant.