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Leaks, puddles, or cracks on your level roof? Sounds like it requires waterproofing! What can you get to do the work appropriately? Read our guide to find out.

Level roofing system innovation has come a long way since the 60s as well as 70s. Many thanks to modern-day materials and elegant glazing, today’s flat roofs are the embodiment of architectural style. Some are also being used in new as well as unusual methods, from sun balconies and terraces to eco-friendly roofing for budding urban gardeners to shingles.

Not exactly sure which roof covering waterproofing services is ideal for you? We have made a checklist of typical issues, as well as match them with the item that can help.

The problem: You need to take care of a roofing leakage quickly but it’s wet outside

The service: Quality waterproofing solution

For this kind of emergency, you require a quick, easy-to-apply waterproofing remedy you can even utilize in wet problems. Step forward quality waterproofing solution. Whereas numerous waterproofing options require the level roofing system to be totally dry to be reliable, a quality waterproofing solution can even be utilized in damp weather as well as can deal with cracks of up to 10mm wide. Although the product is available in bigger quantities, such as 5kg-20kg containers, you won’t need almost as much for just a tiny repair. That’s why we’d recommend a quality waterproofing solution in the smaller sized 2.5 kg can. Also, better, it can be found in a medium grey shade. This is specially designed to ensure that the color will assimilate effortlessly into your existing roofing system.

How does quality waterproofing solution function?

Quality waterproofing solution is an acrylic material that’s dispersed in a solvent so it looks like a Semi-liquid paste. When dry it turns into a challenging flexible overlay that stops any type of moisture relocating with it. Its chemical structure is made to ensure that also caught wetness can evaporate securely away, so you’ll stay clear of any type of blistering. This specific product additionally has added fibers that interlace with each other, helping it to fill up, as well as connect voids, while still staying adaptable.


Quality waterproofing solution can be used onto nearly any kind of level roof surface area from bitumen or asphalt to felt. It’s a handy item to have around your house as you can likewise use it to deal with gutters, concrete, steels, as well as masonry.


Initially, eliminate all loosened moss, dirt, and standing water from the area of your roof covering that needs to be treated. Use the product with a roller or brush. While still damp, function it into the surface area to remove excess dampness, after that comb out totally. For an extra thorough Acrypol application guide, take a look at the Acrypol application overview.

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