Things to Consider While Buying Maid Insurance

Maid Insurance coverage is obligatory in Singapore based on the Ministry of Manpower’s needs or MoM. Nevertheless, few family members are aware of this, as well as employers that have got insurance coverage for their housemaid to have more than likely purchased it via their housemaid agency.

A housemaid insurance policy safeguards you versus unforeseen costs, besides sticking to the policies. Considered that it is required, you will discover it surprising to know that it is the very least discussed, also the insurance specialists for that matter! This is because of the fact that employers do not recognize exactly how to select housemaid insurance and commonly opt for the one recommended by the firm.

As a company, you need to know the fundamental insurance coverage for your maid according to the needs of MoM:

  • A personal accident that guarantees a minimum amount of $60000.
  • $15000 coverage for clinical insurance coverage. This will cover a hospital stay as well as any surgical procedure price in Singapore.
  • A $5000 safety bond that will be ensured by the insurance company from whom you purchased the policy.

These are compulsory protection; however, please keep in mind that this would not suffice constantly. Additional benefits are offered by numerous insurance provider such as repatriation expenditures, wage compensation, theft, and so on, to combat the competitors. It would be important to study the different housemaid insurance coverage offered to see that the insurance coverage suffices.

Check for the following variables before you acquire a house cleaning insurance policy in Singapore

Outpatient Expenditures.

Generally, outpatient costs are not covered in insurance coverage. So, check for protection in case outpatient treatment would be needed. However, the competitors are intense in recent times as well as a few insurance companies are also giving outpatient coverage expenses.

Security bond.

Does the insurance provider give security bond coverage? This includes different protection levels and you can pick the plan you locate suitably. In this, the insurance company will break down a security bond to the MoM. If the bond is given up or surrendered, the firm will pay the total up to the MoM.

Termination Refund.

Inspect whether the insurer supplies complete reimbursement of the amount of your cost. This is one of the most considerable points as discovering an excellent housemaid is not a very easy job, as well as often; you could wish to cancel the contract with your maid. So, look for a housemaid insurance coverage where you will not shed cash. Nonetheless, there will be a cap on the moment period within which you can terminate the policy.

Residence Cover.

There are instances when housemaids have actually taken things from the employer’s residence. So, protect your house materials from burglary besides break-in and fire and put your mind at ease. Select a policy that gives house cover.

Maid’s Responsibility.

Protection versus expenses as a result of injuries to third parties or their buildings, devoted by your housemaid. Secure yourself versus this and stay secure!

Wage Insurance coverage.

Examine whether the insurance policy will cover your maid’s income during her hospitalization. You will be profiting one of the most if it does so. However, a hospital stay is not a daily problem and you require to look at other elements also.

Costs for Substitution of Maid.

What happens if your domestic helper dies or becomes permanently handicapped? You will need a substitute! Look for an insurance plan that covers firm fees for house cleaning substitutes.

Unique Grant as well as Insurance Coverage for Your Housemaid’s Possessions.

This covers costs for a funeral that require to be paid to your housemaid’s family. Maid’s Individual personal belongings will protect the belongings of your domestic assistant.

Budget-friendly costs.

Look for a maid insurance policy that features low-cost premiums. It is better to go with an insurer where you can get the plan online, due to the fact that this gets rid of the requirement for intermediaries as well as costs will undoubtedly be lower.

When choosing a housemaid insurance coverage


Select a plan that offers benefits to your domestic maid’s pre-existing problems medically. Doing such will put you at lower danger. Discover what therapies are covered and what is not.

Examine whether the housemaid insurance policy covers malaria as well as dengue as all insurance companies do not cover these conditions.

Singapore is a terrific country with stringent rules as well as regulations. The government believes that the citizens should abide by the government’s policies; nonetheless, if regulations are violated or otherwise stuck, you are going to invite penalties or other lawsuits. Housemaid Insurance policy is one such need; it is obligatory on your part as an employer to purchase one for your housemaid.

A lot of households in Singapore work with a residential assistant to cope with the day-to-day household tasks. The federal government has made it compulsory for employers to buy a maid insurance policy to safeguard the interests of both the companies and assistants. Nevertheless, you need to be cautious when choosing a plan; it should provide enough protection, most importantly outpatient expenditures besides low-cost costs.

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