Things to keep in mind if you want to travel with your erotic toys

With the arrival of summer, indeed, you have a trip planned to rest and disconnect from the day today. If you plan to take an erotic toy with you to make these getaways more vibrant, alone or in the company, there are some things you should keep in mind if you want to save yourself from embarrassment at customs.

They are toys, but in many countries, they are punished with penalties ranging from deportation to life imprisonment or the death penalty, so do not take it as a joke and follow these tips.

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  1. Current legality:

Depending on the country you plan to visit, you should consider what types of objects are legal and not. For example, Vietnam is one of the most restrictive and does not allow any sex toy, from vibrators to porn movies, to enter its country. If you have something with you, it will be confiscated at customs and returned to you on your return.

You should also be careful if you travel to certain African and Arab countries and Cuba or some Asian countries such as China, Indonesia, Malaysia, or Singapore.

  1. Vibrators:

One of the aspects that you should not neglect if you want to take your vibrator on a trip with you is to take it locked. A blow during the journey can trigger it by accident and cause complaints and give you the wrong time in the middle of a flight.

To avoid uncomfortable situations or that your device arrives without a battery when you want to use it, activate the lock function of your vibrator. If it does not have it, remove the batteries or discharge it completely.

Covers and cases:

Ideally, carry any sex toy in a well-protected case. Most products are sold at online adult store with a rigid packaging with foam or cardboard inside that protects the toy correctly. If this is not the case and you carry it in a fabric cover, wrap it in fluffy clothing to protect it from any blow that could spoil it.

Most erotic toys resist temperature changes, that why they recommend not exposing them to artificial or natural sources of heat. Moisture is not a problem for most appliances either, as they are usually waterproof.