Things to Know about 2023 Genesis Electrified G80

Genesis is offering remarkable EVs in different segments. The Electrified G80 is one of the best in the market simply due to its style, performance, and price. The difference between a gas-powered G80 and an electrified model is the powertrain and some other subtle changes. People willing to buy this 2023 generation model should visit Conshohocken Genesis dealer.

Things to know about this electric vehicle

When it comes to EVs, there are three things that one should know about. The most important one is its powertrain, range, and battery pack involved. Apart from this, one should also make a note of its design and pricing. Hence, take a look at these things to know before getting a 2023 Genesis Electrified G80.

  • Powertrain

Genesis offers AWD for this EV; the company uses an electric motor on each of its axles that helps it have an AWD system. The combined motor of these two offers 365 horses. Electric cars offer remarkable acceleration and this car takes it up a notch; it takes just 4.1 seconds for the 2023 Electrified G80 to reach 0-60 mph. It means that this EV is 0.6 seconds faster to reach 0-60 mph than its gas-powered counterpart.

Also, this powertrain offers ample power for highway cruising as well as provides a comfortable and steady ride whenever it is driven. In addition, this powertrain will offer 105 MPGe when in cities and around 89 MPGe when on highways.

  • Battery pack and range

A battery pack of 87.2-kWh is stashed under its floorboards; it is estimated to offer a range of 282 miles after it is fully charged. Also, it takes 22 minutes or so to get the battery charge from 10% to 80%; however, for this, one will have to use DC 350-kWh fast charging station. To completely charge this vehicle using an outlet of Level 2 will require a charge for 7 hours or so.

To know more about the charging options and other details related to its range and more, people should visit Genesis dealer serving Conshohocken.

  • Interior beauty

This is a luxury EV and that is evident from the luxurious designs and features that are installed for people to enjoy. Though there have been slight changes to the interior due to the batter pack’s installation, people can sit comfortably still. The design created using premium materials looks sophisticated.

Attractive wood trim, soft leather upholstery, etc. are some of the luxurious features that people would enjoy. Other features include a 14.5 display that looks like sprouting out of this vehicle’s dashboard. This touchscreen is for accessing Electrified G80’s infotainment system.

To control this screen people can either use buttons on the steering wheel, through knobs on the center console or simply use this car’s voice assistance system. Other standard features include Lexicon sound system, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, etc.

It just comes in a single variant and it costs $80,950. This is quite reasonable when compared with other competitors in this segment. Hence, you need to test-ride it and check out every detail for yourself. Be it performance, looks, or price-wise; no better EV option is available in the market currently than this car.