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Things to Think About When Building a Garage Shed in Perth

A garage shed is an excellent addition to your yard since it organises and makes your lawn and gardening tools more accessible while freeing up room in your garage for your automobiles. When it comes to doing this house repair, you might be amazed at how many alternatives you have. Here’s a rundown of some of the things you’ll need to consider while constructing a garage shed.


Perth garage sheds must withstand harsh weather, and the materials you select will significantly influence the total lifetime of your purchase. While many individuals believe that vinyl is the best option, Zincalume and Colorbond materials give the strength and corrosion resistance that will keep the building looking good for years while also providing a selection of colours to meet your design requirements.

Sheds are available in a variety of conventional materials, including:

  • Resin – A highly durable material renowned for its lightweight, corrosion, dent, break resistance, and attractive appearance. Resin is an excellent material to utilise if you plan to build your garage shed in Perth from a kit because it’s simple to deal with.
  • Steel – Owing to its price, durability, and wide range of colour and size options, this sturdy metal is the most popular.
  • Timber– A traditional component for outbuildings, usually made of treated cedar. It’s gorgeous and long-lasting, but it’s more expensive than other materials.


Before choosing a garage shed in Perth, ensure you know Australian construction rules and classifications. Specific units, such as bedrooms and kitchens, will modify the building’s status and need extra approvals before construction. To summarise, if you wish to construct any form of room that would make the garage shed usable, you’ll need to obtain the necessary licences to avoid significant penalties.

Furthermore, as long as the garage shed is less than ten square metres in size, there’s not much regulatory red tape to deal with (if they are 10×10 or more, you will be required to acquire a permit for construction). The construction shall be built behind the front setback line and meet the fire safety requirements of the Australian Building Code (it must be located at least 900mm from other structures).

Other standards include the garage shed being well-built and securely anchored to the ground, as well as being no higher than 2.4 metres above normal floor level. Hire professional garage builders Perth to construct your structure. They will usually assist you in navigating the permission procedure if you install a bigger model, such as a wide span garage shed.


The position of your garage shed will heavily influence the kind of roof you pick. Depending on where you are, different viewpoints provide different benefits.

  • Flat – This roof form works well on smaller constructions that can stand under the house’s eaves. You can also keep objects on top of the roof as long as there is no extreme weather exposure.
  • Gabled – Because of the peaked style, this is the most excellent choice for a building where you want to spend a lot of time strolling around. Water runoff will not be an issue, making it suitable for sheds exposed to the weather.
  • Sloping – This roof slopes slightly to one side, which provides a few advantages if your garage shed is adjacent to a house wall. The slope directs water runoff away from the wall of the house and creates a higher area within the building for putting longer, awkward items.


What you want to keep in your garage shed will significantly impact this aspect. If you simply want to utilise it for a mower and a pair of bicycles, a smaller area might suffice, such as a 3×2-metre structure. Consider something more like a workshop shed if you need it for a motorised mower, a grill, large tools, or other heavy equipment. You may even have your garage shed custom-designed to fit your exact size and form requirements.

While many people feel that building a garage shed in Perth is a do-it-yourself activity, this is not necessarily the case. You must consider the structure’s size, the circumstances it must withstand, and your degree of competence. Professional installation guarantees that everything is appropriately installed. However, if something goes wrong later, you will be covered by warranties; this protection is not accessible if you handle it yourself.

Once you’re prepared to construct a garage shed in Perth, a workshop, or another outbuilding, garage builders Perth can advise you on what will work best for your demands and property, and they can also professionally build it.


Choosing to build a garage shed in Perth is a significant decision that you must carefully consider. Following these considerations will assist you in making the best option to guarantee that the structure satisfies your requirements and offers a long-term solution.