Things you need to know about DLD Waiver

The government usually charges for land development in every country and it is the same with Dubai. If you are looking forward to buying some property in Dubai, you need to understand that getting some waiver on the land development charges is possible when you reach out to the right kind of land developers. In most cases, the charges are around 4% of the total value of the property and this can become an additional burden for property buyers in Dubai. In this regard, let us look at some things you need to understand about getting waivers.

Dubai Land Development charges

Most investors ask what is DLD waiver when they learn about this concept as they are not familiar with such offers. The Dubai land development waiver means that buyers need not have to pay the land development charges and they can just pay for the property price. In this way, they can save a lot of money on the property registration deal. Though one may not find it much costly compared to the prices of the property, it can be a handsome saving if the buyer looks at total cost that he may have to incur as a part of the property price. Hence with a right developer this huge amount can be saved which is not a tough task at all. One needs to get the right land developer for the concerned property. The best part is one can know the same before dealing so that he can have clear idea if he can save that much amount or not.

Who pays the charges for DLD?

If you think that the government will completely waive development charges through DLD waiver, you are completely wrong. In this situation, instead of the buyer paying the 4% land development charges, the property dealers will be paying the charges. In this way, most investors can get to save some money while buying property.

How to find the best property deals?

It is important to understand that most property owners and developers advertise on online platforms to get attention from buyers. You can take advantage of this situation and look out for such ads in leading classified portals that advertise real estate deals. It is very easy to navigate to the relevant section and you can choose the suitable property deals that are available with land development waiver options. This can be very useful in saving money on the real estate deal.

There are many other advantages of choosing online classified portals for property deals as you will be able to check out multiple properties from the comfort of your home. In this way, you can filter the options as per your convenience and select the areas of your choice. The entire list of properties available in your selected area will be displayed online and you can contact the property developers to know more details about the property. This not only saves you money with the waiver option but also saves you a lot of time spent during the process.