This web series has fun and love – Honeymoon

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Honeymoon – A fun web series

Honeymoon is a late 2020 release streaming exclusively on AHA. The series is a six episodes long story revolving around the lives of a newly-wed. The show cast includes SanjanaAnand, Nagabhushana, Pawan Kumar, ApoorvaBharadwaj, Poorna, ArchanaKotige, AnandNinasam, and Mahadev.

The show starts off with Praveen and Tejaswini as newlyweds. Praveen is a virgin who is looking forward to a honeymoon and plans accordingly. The story explores the personas of the couple and provides a glimpse into their past lives. The story is well-formulated with decent narration and outstanding character performances.

The series is mutually produced by Sakkath Studio and ShrimuthuCini Service. Honeymoon is an emotional ride with real-time depictions of the stages of married life. Dealing with marital dramas, the couple passes on as a successful pair with their appealing dialogue delivery and on-screen presence. The web series evokes satisfaction with its light-hearted representation of a relationship. Exciting to watch, Honeymoon is definitely a feast for Telugu viewers.

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