Three Things to Buy in Georgia When Travelling for Holiday

Georgia, a country located at the intersection of Europe and Asia, is a unique tourism destination waiting for you to explore. The country is home to the Black Sea beaches and Caucasus Mountain villages, two of the top attractions that no one wants to miss. These are only a few of the top attractions that you will get in Georgia.  Other top attractions that you need to know include, Ushguli, Mtskheta, and Tbilisi, the country’s capital. 

When it is time to finally go home, tourists see it as a sad moment because they have to leave behind the special connections that they had developed with the country. To carry the lovely memories of this great country, it would be a great idea to buy and take some items home. So, here are some of the must-buy items when travelling to Georgia. 

Georgian Blue Tablecloths

There is no better way to remind yourself about the lovely experiences that you had in Georgia than taking home Georgian blue tablecloths. They are an important part of Georgian culture and come with unique decorations of deer, birds, plants, and table attributes. The table cloths are named supra in the country and take the name of the best Georgian feast

Today, there are variants of the original blue table clothes to ensure that all visitors can get a perfect match with their preferences. For example, you can get the table clothes of green and red fabrics, but with the same features. As you use the tablecloth back home, use it as a moment to share the lovely memories that you had when travelling to Georgia

The Georgian Wine Horn

Did you know that Georgia is the birthplace of wine? Traditionally, Georgians used horns as the drinking cups for local wine. The horn, also referred to as Khantsi, is made using ram horns adorned with an attractive cuffing plus a cord. To make it easy to place on a flat table, the wine horn comes with a wooden stand, which gives it a stylish outlook. Traditionally, Georgians used to hang the horn on their sword belts. Whether you will be using the horn for drinking wine back home or just part of travelling collection, this addition will be amazing. 

Georgian Wine 

If you are travelling to Georgia and left behind your significant other, top friends, or colleagues, one of the top gifts that you can take back to them is the Georgian wine. The wine is put in qvevri, a type of earth-shaped container buried under the ground for about five months to mature. This method of winemaking yields an awesome flavor and is listed on the Official List of Humanity’s Intangible Cultural Heritage under UNESCO. With the wine, you are sure that your friends will keep asking for more or start planning for a visit to Georgia. 

What you take from Georgia can help to rekindle the lovely memories of the great country. In addition to the above items, make sure to visit the exhibitions by top art collectors, such as John Dodelande, and capture their work on camera.