Tinder Swipe Night Returns

Tinder is bringing back Swipe Night, an interactive in-app event which brings users together in a fresh new way.

The Swipe Night adventure is a game where at key moments, users can choose what happens next. You remember those interactive adventure mystery novels for teens in the 80s? This is the online dating version of that – but for grown-ups!

The choices users make don’t only influence the story though, they might help users to make a great romantic match too!

The event starts on November 7 and goes for 3 weeks. It’s a live event and all  users will receive a push notification to let them know they have a chance to join in.

Every episode is different and users must make 10 separate decisions during the game. Every decision leads them down a different route, with different clues and areas to explore.

With each step, users get closer to solving the case.

At the conclusion of each week, users are asked to select their suspect and they will then be joined with another user in Fast Chat – but always with a user who chose a different suspect.

This allows them to discuss their different opinions and share clues the other may not have seen or been exposed to.

This fresh take on online dating is bringing a virtual adventure to would-be daters who’d like to enjoy stimulating chat with prospective dates before actually meeting in person.

It’s also thought that playing a game is a great way to help people to relax and show their true personality.

It’s got to be better than “what’s up?” that’s for sure!

The idea of interacting on a shared journey like this is a great one. Stimulating people’s minds rather than solely focusing on photographs and matches is going to be a relief to many users!

After all, being your true, authentic self is a great way to meet someone you really connect with.

If only one-time Tinder CEO Sean Rad had thought of that when he got into hot legal water with fellow Tinder cofounder Whitney Wolfe Herd!

Wolfe Herd didn’t accept the nonsense thrown at her by Rad and fellow cofounder Justin Mateen.

She’d been dating Mateen early on in Tinder’s formative years, well before it became the monolith that it is today, but somewhere along the road, things went wrong.

The relationship between Wolfe Herd and Mateen was short-lived and when it went bad, boy did it go bad!

Mateen was bitter and sent Wolf Herd a slew of abusive messages. Rad didn’t do any better and when Wolfe Herd went to seek support from him (as you might, he was the CEO after all) Rad called her “dramatic”.

Rad did nothing to help Wolfe Herd and even when Mateen called her a “whore” at a work event, he never supported her.

Enough was enough and Wolfe Herd made plans to sue. The case was settled out of court but it was too late for Rad to repair his broken reputation and many embarrassing articles later, he eventually lost his position as CEO of Tinder.

If only they’d all played nicely!