Tips for obtaining a marriage license

Marriage licenses are issued through the Circuit Court Clerk’s Office in any county or city in the Commonwealth of Virginia. You may obtain a certified copy of a marriage license from the Circuit Court Clerk’s Office that issued the marriage license. A marriage license is issued by the Circuit Court Clerk’s Office of any city or county in the Commonwealth of Virginia.​​​​​​​

For any religious society which does not by its own custom require the intervention of a minister for the celebration of marriages, a marriage may be solemnized in the manner prescribed and practiced in that religious society, with the license issued to, and returns to be made by, a person appointed by the religious society for that purpose ($35 fee & application required) The Marriage license can be issued the same day you apply, if all required information is included in the application, along with officiant name (if relevant), payment, and proof of age documents. The marriage license application fee is $45.00 (this fee will be waived if the applicant’s’ original DC Domestic Partnership Certificate and is presented at the time of application).

Marriage licenses are issued by the Circuit Court Clerk and are valid for 60 calendar days within the Commonwealth of Virginia. The marriage license must then be returned to the Travis County Clerk’s Office within 30 days from the ceremony date. At the Clerk’s Office, the couple will complete a marriage license application and pay the $81.00 license fee.  For more information on your local marriage laws, be sure to visit www.usmarriagelaws.com

Certified copies are normally received within 10 days after the completed marriage certificate is returned to the Clerk’s office for recording in the county’s official records. The married couple will be required to sign a certificate of covenant marriage conversion and a “Declaration of Intent to Enter Into a Covenant Marriage Conversion” form at the Marriage License Office. Either a certified copy of an Emancipation Order, OR a notarized Clerk’s Office parental consent form along with the front and back of your parent(s) or legal guardian’s identification, or have your parent(s) or legal guardian accompany you and present proper identification and sign the parental consent form in the presence of the clerk issuing your marriage license; AND.

Take the Non-Resident Marriage License Application-Affidavit form to the Clerk of Court or comparable official in the county in which you reside. Texas Family Code Section 2.007(c) Notwithstanding Subsection (a), the clerk may not issue a marriage license for which both applicants are absent unless the person applying on behalf of each absent applicant provides to the clerk an affidavit of the applicant declaring that the applicant is a member of the armed forces of the United States stationed in another country in support of combat or another military operation. Once a couple has indicated to us that they wish to obtain a marriage license, we will determine they both have valid photo IDs with birth date and are over 18 years of age, have the $40.00 fee in cash or $42.50 if using a credit card, and are planning to be married within 20 days.

If you have any questions, contact the License Department or Clerk’s Office of the Circuit Court in the county where the marriage will be performed.