Top Reasons To Use Straddle Options Strategy To Make Profit

The straddle is a trading method for options that gets its name from the form it produces on a valuation chart. When you use the straddle, your position very literally “straddles” the underlying asset’s price.  When using the straddle option, you are trading based on your prediction of the market’s volatility. If there is a significant shift in price, this position is profitable; nevertheless, if values stay relatively unchanged, it is likely to result in a loss of financial capital. The benefit of this scenario is that it is possible to generate a profit regardless of whether or not prices go up or down. The fact that you require a high level of volatility for this strategy to generate a profit is a key drawback.


Less risk

Since profit will always consist of the gap between the current value as well as the option’s strike, excluding the 2 premiums paid for the such call and put options, for an investor to make the most profit possible from their long straddle option, Bitcoin prices must be swell or slide down substantially further than the break-even points.

Significant profit

The chance to achieve unlimited gains while only exposing oneself to limited risk is one of the key advantages offered by the long straddle options strategy. This advantage is among the long straddle alternatives strategy’s main advantages. On the bright side, there is an infinite possibility of making a profit because the occurrence can cause a sharp increase in the price of the stock. When the prices of stocks fall, there is also the possibility of making a profit since the costs of buying stocks can become zero. This creates the potential for gain. The investor, therefore, does not have to worry about the direction that the price would move in during the investment period. All that is required is for there to be a level of volatility that is sufficiently high in either direction.

The potential for high levels of volatility

It provides information regarding the amount of money that a buyer or seller (of a straddle) is willing to risk on the market going up or down for a particular event. Once the event takes place, the implied volatility of such options will decrease, which will result in a reduction in the price of the options; but, if there is a significant market movement either way (delta), the decrease in implied volatility will be made up.

Great for novices

To implement this tactic, you will need to purchase a call and a put option on the same stock or index, with much the same maturity as well as the strike price. It can capitalize on progress made in either direction. Either a skyrocketing or a plunging value for the stock or index is a good indicator of future performance. When there is no clear trend in the market, traders will often employ a strategy known as a long straddle. The trader is hoping that the underlying market will have a high level of volatility.


Investors are under continuous pressure to decide to either buy or sell, collect premiums or pay premiums; however, the straddle option acts as a fantastic leveler in these situations. A trader has the ability, through the use of the straddle, to enable the market to determine the direction in which it will move.


Because it is straightforward to both comprehend and put into practice, the long straddle option trading technique is available to all traders. When it comes to investing and trading using a particular straddle option, it is ideal for traders to establish their areas of specialization.