Top Reasons You Might Need to Hire a Lawyer

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There’s a good possibility you won’t require legal representation if you receive a traffic ticket or are involved in a small claims lawsuit. The answer to the question “When do I need a lawyer?” can be quite complicated and frequently depends on the particulars of your unique case. To assist you in selecting whether to get legal counsel for your unique situation, the attorneys at Littlejohn Law will offer you various services depending on your case type.

Below are several scenarios that might substantiate a lawyer.

  • Personal injury

Accidents typically occur at the worst possible time, quickly and without prior notice by design. Having an advocate on your side advocating for you during your rehabilitation is a smart move if you want to maximize the advantages and recovery to which you are entitled. A skilled attorney can support you in your struggle regardless of whether your injury was brought on by a vehicle accident, a work-related incident, or a defective product.

  • A Member of Your Family Has Passed Away Without an Estate Plan 

When a family member leaves without leaving behind an estate plan, you may also need to contact a lawyer. When a family member passes away without an estate plan, it may cause havoc: family members may begin to quarrel over who gets what, money problems can surface, and more. You and your family may avoid a lot of suffering, worry, and uncertainty by hiring a skilled probate lawyer.

  • You Want to Start a Business

Starting a business without an attorney is possible. However, it is not recommended. Hiring one of our experienced business law attorneys at Handelin Law can help you navigate your company’s legal requirements, ensure compliance with all applicable laws, and guide you through each step of building your business. This is especially true when your business involves a partner, where you need to set forth each partner’s respective rights and obligations to avoid potential issues before they threaten the business itself.

  • You Must Have an Estate Plan 

While free or printable estate planning forms are available on the internet, they are frequently unenforceable if not completed correctly. They might omit crucial details, and they often end up doing more harm than good. A carefully drafted and legally binding estate plan created by one of our top-notch estate planning lawyers will guarantee that your intentions are followed through by the people you designate and prevent expensive litigation. By doing this, you and your family will be able to appreciate one another and have pleasant memories of you rather than the mess you left behind.

  • You’re through a nasty divorce

Your first step should be to call a family lawyer and schedule a consultation if you find yourself in an emotionally charged or complicated divorce where there are disputes about assets, children, accusations of domestic abuse, or finances. Family law attorneys can help you reach a fair and appropriate settlement if one can be reached; nevertheless, if litigation is necessary, we will fight for you and your children. Far too frequently, passion and rage dictate these discussions and choices.

In conclusion, there are various situations you may find yourself in, and these situations will necessitate calling a lawyer who will help you out in any of the above scenarios.