Top Three Albanian beaches

Are you in love with the clear blue color of the sea? If you are in love with the amazing blue sky, then the Albanian beaches is just for you. Get hold of your sunscreen, squeeze out the cream, and lie down on one of the many couches on the beach to enjoy the amazing waves hitting against each other. You are in for a treat in Albania. There are plenty of beaches in Albania almost 20 one of them. However, the top three beaches that you should definitely visit are given in the article. Enjoy your time on one of these beaches.

1. Lukova

A trip to Albania is never fulfilled if you have not visited the beach.  Lukova beach is one of the most famous beaches in Albania. It is mainly known for its shiny sand and amazing waters.  You are surely going to feel like having a bath out there or swim in that beautiful Seawater. You will be able to a remarkable view of the seawater. Albanian beaches is well known for the relation it provides to its visitors. Apart from the picturesque beauty, you will also find the locals to be very humble and cooperative.

2. Vega

The vega beach is one of the Albanian beaches which is mostly known for being a man-made wonder or gift to Albania. Even if it is man-made, it is able to provide the amazing feel that any natural seaside or coastal area would provide. This makes it very attractive and interesting for tourists and they would love to visit this place. Apart from enjoying the amazing view, you can also munch on the grilled fish with a bottle of chilled beer. The experience you are going to gather in this place is unbeatable. So get ready with your swimsuit.

3. Livadi

Albania is a place that is quite interested. It is fine that people start changing their mindsets and visit this place. It is the house of some of the most awesome Albanian beaches. The Livadi Beach is known to be the jewel on the crown with its amazing olive trees. You might think that Albania is full of beaches, and then what makes it so different? The difference is the olive trees that adorn the place. It is in the Mediterranean and gives the tourists an amazing feel. It is one of the biggest beaches in Albania.