Travel tips before you plan out a vacation to Dubai

Dubai continues to grow into one of the world’s most attractively designed cities, noted for its rich cultural variety and popular fiestas. Dubai, on the other hand, is much more than its sky-high skyscrapers and posh shopping complexes. Are you nervous about visiting this Middle Eastern Emirate for the first time? Don’t be concerned! Here are a few pointers to make sure your trip to the Gulf city is one you’ll never forget:

When Should You Go?

The greatest season to visit Dubai is from November to March, when temperatures vary from 30° C to 12° C and the weather is pleasant. Furthermore, the Dubai Shopping Festival takes place in December, and it is spectacular, with products from all over the world.

However, because of the tremendous rains that occur during this month, it is best to avoid travelling in February.

Visiting Dubai between April and October would be a poor option since it would be nearly hard to get outside owing to the hot and humid weather, and you would be confined to air-conditioned shops and posh spas. You can also enjoy visiting to water park in Dubai in these months.

What Should You Bring?

Whatever else you fail to include in your suitcase, don’t forget to bring huge amounts of sunscreen. The temperature in Dubai is harsh, therefore it’s best to bring sunscreen with the highest SPF rating you can find. Deodorants, body/face wipes, sunglasses, caps, water bottle, insect repellent, and other items should be carried. All you need to do is to book a resort in Dubai and have a blast in your vacation.

Typical Financial Problems

Money, on the other hand, is quite safe to carry in the UAE. The country’s official currency is the AED, or United Arab Emirates Dirham, which is frequently abbreviated as DH. Many local stores can exchange your money for you, and they will usually give you a better rate. Credit and debit cards from across the world are also commonly accepted. Due to the country’s tight regulations, thievery is rarely an issue. It is, nonetheless, preferable to be safe than sorry.

People in Dubai should dress up, but they should also be modest.

First and foremost, we must remember that Dubai, no matter how contemporary, liberal, or progressive, is an Islamic nation whose residents revere their culture and traditions. You may dress up as much as you like since, well, the city is rather stylish, but be careful not to offend your host city’s sensibilities. It is preferable to have your shoulder and knees covered. Although you are not required to wear an abaya or a kandora because Dubai is a tourist destination, exposing too much flesh in public areas is often frowned upon.

Of course, it would be strange to go to the beach without a swimsuit, shorts, or bikini, but you can dress as you would on any other beach. Rather than offending someone’s feelings, dress appropriately for the event and the location you’re going. Furthermore, the heat is oppressive the most of the day. So, unless you want your skin to be damaged by the dangerous UV rays, you should use sunscreen.


In terms of women, Dubai is a city that values them. Get rid of the misconception that women in Dubai are mistreated. However, when you are in a foreign setting with certain etiquettes, there are some unspoken standards you should keep in mind. Do not extend your hand to a guy you have just met, or any man for that matter, for a shake, since it will be spurned unless he does. To express respect or recognition, it is preferable to nod or smile. Allow someone you know to accompany you out if you are under the age of 25. Yes, women’s independence is important, but life and safety come first.