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Turn Your Yard Into a Showplace with an Backyard Kitchen

Many people consider their yards an extension of their home; a sanctuary from the outside world. Those that live in moderate or warm climates tend to spend a lot of time outside enjoying their yards. Many homeowners are investing money in their backyards as they would for the interior of their home.

Even those with small yards can make it into a welcoming, warm setting with the use of scaled-down furniture, energy-efficient greenery, and an area for children to play or pets to enjoy.

Those that have larger backyards have a variety of great options available to them, including outdoor fountains that recycle water and gorgeous outdoor kitchens that keep the heat out of the house on warm days.

How to Plan Your Backyard Design

Those looking to maximize the value of their home and pay attention to reducing energy may want to include a backyard kitchen. Your backyard can act as an extra room when it comes to entertaining. A beautifully designed backyard kitchen can add ambiance while increasing the value of your home.

Adding a backyard kitchen can be both efficient and casual. It does not have to be an over-top design to be functional. Sometimes simple, casual designs can be just as effective as an elaborate setup.

Your outdoor kitchen may include a seating area, grill, or cookstove, water source, and a refrigerator. This is simple, cost-efficient, and provides that homeowners with an alternative to eating at the dining room table every night.

Of course, those with a large area and a bit larger budget can create outdoor works of art.

Refined and Elaborate Outdoor Dining Options

Those with a large backyard have many options and looks to choose from.

Refined Backyard Kitchens

An upscale, refined backyard kitchen features beautiful appliances and seating areas. Most choose a gathering area with comfortable chairs and couches as well as a dining table. Marble holds up well and gives an elegant look to the outside area.

To protect the area from the elements, homeowners frequently cover the area if not already covered. They may also wish to add some lighting fixtures, so the entertaining area can be used anytime. If a grill is to be the key cooking resource, it should be positioned away from the dining table to avoid too much smoke billowing onto the entertaining area, and guests will not be splashed or spilled on during the cooking process.

Complete Backyard Kitchens

Those that want to fully-invest in their outdoor kitchen may choose to add additional appliances. A grill, as well as a complete second kitchen, with a stovetop and oven, maybe a desirable option. To do this the homeowners need to have a contractor or builder design the kitchen to ensure that gas and electric connections and other key design elements are placed in the area.

Additional items that will complete the outdoor kitchen include a refrigerator and various appliances to reduce the need to keep going in and out of the house, reducing energy efficiency.