Types of Pet Parents in Raw Pet Feeding Groups

Once you are a pet parent who has embraced the raw food diets, joining a raw pet food group is almost mandatory. These are instrumental especially when beginning. tHerefore understanding the different personalities there will help you avoid frustrations. Below are some of the most popular dog parent types you will identify in the following groups.

The Know-it-alls

There is nothing this group of dog parents does not know. Be careful not to argue with such people because they tend to force issues. They are not keen on being objective and tend to overtake the conversations. However, you can learn a lot from them because they always keep themselves updated for winning arguments.


These are parents that can’t keep quiet about certain things. They are brutally honest and would rather have a few enemies than sitting silent through uncomfortable conversations. They will call you out when you claim something wrong.

The Specialized Mean Crew

These are dog parents that can be intimidating and are low-key passive aggressors. They tend to look down on other well-meaning dog parents who know about raw pet food. The mean crew easily gets out of line and out of focus and does not have a problem tearing you down.

Vegetable Vipers

This group of pet parents is somehow hilarious. They get offended by other pet parents who feed their dogs’ green matter. They would rather have you out of the group than listen to alternative opinions.

Inexperienced Educator

These people seem to have gotten into the raw food industry recently. They could be a vet, newly employed pet food marketer, or company worker. Usually, they imagine that raw feeding is new and that they’ll be busy teaching everyone about it. They tend to make suggestions of the brands and types to purchase and easily get offended when alternatives of making raw food at home are floated. They often leave when they feel that alternative suggestions are aggressive to them.

The Debby and Dobby Downers

The groups of parents cannot take a joke. They are serious and can dampen the spirits of other members in a few seconds. They have a holier-than-thou attitude and are always in a corrective mood even when jokes are shared. No fun at all.

Nut-Crazy Parent

As the name suggests, these dog parents are simply nuts. They imagine others offending them and arguing angrily on practically every discussion they are part of. As a result, they can be big bullies and have major headaches.

The How Dare You

It is hilarious to even think about this group of pet parents. They are so used to freebies that they feel entitled to every good thing. So they get mad when someone charges for a dog-feeding course or other instrumental resources because they feel they should be offered free.

Let me Know about Parents

These are parents who want to be told what to do. They are already fed up with the community, especially people who claim to tell you about the subject but go round in circles before getting there. They have probably fallen for so many scams and are one foot out of the door. 

I don’t Intend to Join the Raw Pet Food Bandwagon Parents

It’s almost laughable that such a group of pet parents will even be members of a raw pet food group. They are always bashing the idea and proposing alternatives such as kibble. They are frustrating to deal with because you can never tell what their plan is.

Some pet parents genuinely want to learn about the raw food journey. Houston Raw Pet Food is a good resource to learn more. They can also order and get a variety of raw foods delivered to them. Over time, such parents learn and become hooked on raw dog diets.

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