Unique Wedding Invitation Ideas

Have you already booked the date? Have you already chosen the venue? It’s time to send out the wedding invitations!

Think of making unique wedding invitations that will make your special day unforgettable, whether it’s the place you met, the person who introduced you, how you had a long-distance relationship, or the fact that you share the same tastes; there’s sure to be a story that represents you. If, for example, you are both music lovers, why not make some invitations in the form of a vinyl record. You could put photos of both of them on the cover and stick a sticker with all the information about the wedding on it. This will be an excellent detail for all your guests. Discover more original and creative ideas, and for all kinds of budgets.

If the reception is held at night, you could opt for a dark color card, where the information stands out because of the tone of the typography, either gold or silver. You could also experiment with the invitation card design by placing some stars or fireflies with some transparency at the top.

Tell your love story through a comic book. You can do this in two ways: the first with a timeline showing the most critical events in your relationship: how you met, where the first date was, and even who threw the first kiss. The second option would be to create your own story where the two main characters have to go through many obstacles to end up together. At the end of the invitation, they could put: “This story will continue, and we want you to be part of it.” The most important thing is that you find a cartoonist who can put this fun idea on paper.

Your marriage is great news for family and friends, so why not invite them to celebrate the year with a mock newspaper? What better way to announce the good news than through the story? After telling all the details of the festival in the text, you should inform your readers that they will learn more about this romantic story on the date chosen for the festival. This card is perfect if you have a vintage wedding decoration in mind, as you can use recycled paper with a worn touch and classic calligraphy. Other equally unique wedding invitations ideas are:

  • Papyrus

Your story left behind the “once upon a time” to reach the happy ending. You have made it! And the best way to represent that is by turning it into a fairy tale. That’s why this invitation is perfect.

  • The Red Thread

The legend of the red thread says that there is a thread that unites two people. It can be tangled, untangled, and knotted, but it will never break. Nice message for an invitation! Don’t you think?

  • Boarding ticket

Imagine that a ticket arrives to board a wedding, you get on the plane that will celebrate the love, a straightforward idea to do, economical and very original!

  • Cipher

An innovative idea is an encrypted message that needs a 3D lens to read it. It’s effortless and, at the same time, incredibly original. Would you use it?

  • Scrabble

Time to play a board game; oh, no? No! This Scrabble board is a beautiful way to present the most entertaining event of the year: your wedding.

  • Fold over Fold

With a simple thick paper, you can make hundreds of things, and a card to unfold, with several messages, proves it. Don’t you love it?

  • Twister

Do you remember the game of spinning the roulette wheel and putting your hands and feet in the colored circles? It’s a good inspiration for a wedding card.

  • Personalized fan

In the Spanish style, a personalized fan is an original option for weddings in summer, when the weather is scorching.

  • Boardgame

How about making a pocket-sized board game based on your wedding? Although it will be expensive, your wedding will certainly not go unnoticed.

  • View-Master

And if you send your guests a small package with this popular toy and on the disks pictures of both and the details of the wedding celebration? They will surely love it.