Website Designer Vs Website Builder: What Should You Choose?

You can often see people having confusion between website builders or designers to choose to design their website.

Some people believe, website builder doesn’t ensure the privacy of the data, whereas designers ensure the best security feature. On the other hand, people think developing a website through a designer takes time and money, however, designing a website through a builder is a matter of few hours and cost-effective too.

It’s a very recurring topic, so through this post, we have tried to simplify, what to choose among website builders and designers to get your website ready.

So, let’s get started.

What is a Website Builder?

A simple answer to this question is, it’s a simple tool that helps you create a simple website without having any coding knowledge.

The simple website builder has all the basic features to design a simple yet powerful website quickly and easily without involving any programming or HTML knowledge.

It also has all the essential resources like images, text, media files, templates, pluggings, etc. require to develop a properly functional website.

Role of a Website Designer:

A website designer is someone who has coding knowledge to design an effective website with all essential features. These features are not simple ones but complex ones that you will find on any professional or corporate website that not only look good but also work well.

Website Builder or Designer: Which Is Better?

To understand which of the two is better, let’s understand the advantages of each.

Advantages of Choosing Website builder:

  • You don’t need to be a pro in programming language. A simple website builder acts like a one-man army that has all the features to develop a website.
  • It’s simple to use and a simple interface helps you develop a simple website within hours.
  • It requires less time for implementing changes.
  • Some of the website builders provide support to create mobile-friendly websites too which is something that normal designers can’t do.

Advantages of Choosing Website Designer:

  • The main advantage of choosing a designer is that everything is simple and functional with it.
  • Flexibility with simple features to create a simple website, you can also design an effective website if you have coding knowledge.
  • Generally, the design takes more time but is cost-effective over the time period.
  • You can choose a simple website builder if you have simple requirements and a simple budget, however, if you have complex requirements or more time on hand then going for a simple website designer would be a better option as it’s cost-effective as well as flexible with simple features.

So, far you would have a transparent understanding of website builders and designers.

Now, let’s understand what factors help us to decide which among the two services, i.e., website designer or builder would be better.

Factors to Consider to Make Your Choice.

  • Think of your budget.
  • Are you looking for a unique brand image?
  • Will you need a regular website amendment?
  • You want every detail needs to be explored properly and reflect back on your website.
  • Think of the time you have on hand.
  • Do you need simple features only or do you want some complex features too?
  • Unlimited possibilities

Having clarity about all of the above points will help you to take the better decision towards choosing among simple website builder or designer.

Are You Ready to Design Your Website Now?

Hopefully, the article has made its impact successfully and you would have a better understanding by now as you reach the end of the reading.

There is absolutely no regret after choosing any of the two options to design your website unless you are clear about your priorities. Thus, making a checklist for your website is the first thing you should do.

Think about all your requirements and decide which one is more important among any of them. Once you have a checklist, start simple and move on.

Don’t try to be too smart with simple website builders or designers as they both are simple tools to design simple websites quickly and effectively in simple steps. “It’s time for you to design your website!”

So, a simple website builder or a simple designer?