What Are Heritage Hotels?

Heritage hotels are typically traditional, classic, or historic properties that are recognized for their unique character and design.   Often, these hotels were once home to prominent figures in history, such as Charles Lindbergh in New Jersey resorts.  Typically found in iconic cities like Venice and Paris, heritage hotels can often be found near local attractions or landmarks in older buildings.

A number of the world’s most luxurious hotel brands have roots dating back hundreds of years.  Many properties throughout Europe began as homes built by wealthy nobles who wanted to vacation on the continent during the summer months when the weather was more pleasant.  As with anything that is revered both then and now, many owners over time spent millions of dollars restoring these old buildings to their former glory.  But one thing has always remained a constant: the hotel’s rich history and unique design.

What Sets Heritage Hotels Apart?

Many hotels boast about their luxurious suites and 5-star restaurants, but what sets heritage hotels apart from all others is that they are surrounded by tradition and history.  Each has its own story to tell whether it be about the history of war or perhaps a celebrity who frequented the site back in his day.

Some common features we see in many heritage properties include:

Classic furniture pieces like leather armchairs, dark wood dressers, or extravagant candle chandeliers; Plush bedding with thick pillows and duvets; Stone fireplaces and elegant décor colors such as golds and reds; Fine artworks on display in the public spaces.

What to Expect From a Heritage Hotel Experience

Most heritage hotels allow guests to book rooms inside the original structure or in a newly-constructed building that is built beside it.  For example, The James Royal Palm hotel in Miami Beach stands adjacent to its historic establishment where loads of celebrities like Frank Sinatra and Ernest Hemingway used to stay while they vacationed by the sea.  Today, travelers can still enjoy visiting this classic property which has been completely refurbished on the inside yet on the outside has all of its old-world charms.

Whether you’re staying on property for business or pleasure, this type of accommodation will transport you back to a simpler time.  The level of customer service is also usually unparalleled as staff members are trained to handle every guest’s needs in a prompt and courteous manner.

Heritage hotels offer a unique opportunity to step back in history, but without sacrificing the modern comforts that today’s luxury seekers require. By choosing a historic hotel you can experience a range of cultures and travel destinations while still having all the creature comforts you’d expect when staying at home.

It is also not uncommon for many of these properties to have their own private villas, estates, or even castles where guests can book rooms on the property.  If you’ve always dreamed of spending a few nights in an authentic castle with all the modern amenities then this type of accommodation may be just what you’re looking for.

What Are Some Other Names for Heritage Hotels?

Heritage is just one of the many names that these hotels go by.  Also watch out for historic, classic, traditional or villa-style properties that are often referred to as heritage.  A less common term you might run across is ‘Grand’ which usually means the same thing regardless of where the hotel is located around the world.

Heritage Hotel Checklist

When choosing a new property to stay at, remember these words: authenticity and history.  Frequenting this type of accommodation will give you an opportunity to experience something more intimate than what you would find at a large resort.  You’re not paying for amenities likes or fancy waterslides, but rather a sense of nostalgia and an authenticity that can’t be found in modern hotels.  Do some research before your trip to find out if the hotel you’re going to stay at was designed by a famous architect.  You’ll notice the unique design details immediately as they are often what makes these properties so memorable!

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