What are the early lives and heir presumptive of the Queen?

In this article, we will discuss what is the early life of the Queen and also her heir presumptive. Also, we will discuss how the Queen celebrated her birthday in Canada every year.

What is the early life of the Queen?

Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor was born on 21st April 1926 at 02:40 pm (GMT). During the time she was born, her grandfather was on the throne, and he was King George V. Her father was the Duke of York, and also her mother was the Duchess of York.

Afterwards, they both got married, and her mother was known as Queen Elizabeth I after they claimed the throne. She was born and then baptized in the private chapel in Buckingham Palace. This was the place where the Royal family used to live in the early days, and they still do.

Elizabeth had a cousin named Margaret, who was born in the year 1930, and they both were educated privately. They both were also given the training to how to rule the throne if they become the Queen. After her education, Elizabeth used to work in the Auxiliary Territorial Service for several years. After which, her mother and her father had her married to the Duke of Greece and known as Philips.

How did she become the heir presumptive?

During her grandfather reign, she was third in line to become the rightful ruler. After her grandfather died and her father elder brother became the ruler with his wife. Then when his father’s brother died, they became the rules, and she was next in line to become the ruler. After her father became the king, she had just finished her studies and decided to work for some time.

She then met Philips, the Duke of Greece and fell in love with him, and they used to meet every day. So after her mother and father came to know of this news, they married the two. This made Elizabeth and Philip the rightful heir of the throne after her parents.

During the time she became Queen there was male dominance spread in the world. This meant that only a man was allowed to rule the country, not the Queen. But after she became Queen, Philip decided to let her rule the kingdom and see the results.

First, people were unhappy, but after they saw her capability, they started to cheer her. She was also known to be the Queen Regnant of the commonwealth countries which her parents ruled. Due to this, the liking of the Queen was increased, and the Queens birthday is celebrated everywhere.

How does the Queen celebrate her birthday in Canada?

The Queen used to celebrate her birthday on different days, and in Canada, she decided to it do on a Saturday. Everywhere she has declared a public holiday, and also sometimes she arranges special things for them. The people in the UK get a holiday as well as she keeps a grand celebration and also shows it live on the TV.