What Can You Get From Having a Trusted Family Lawyer in Singapore?

Having a family lawyer in Singapore means you can depend on them when you need help with legal difficulties involving your loved ones. In the event of a family dispute, a family lawyer can serve as a mediator, and they can also represent one or both parties.

They cover every aspect as they settle unfortunate matters before things get out of hand, but they can also help plan your family’s long-term future. If you decide to hire one, here’s a guide to help you understand how they can assist you.

What is the Job of a Family Lawyer?

In family law, you’ll find everything from divorce and child custody to parental rights and spousal support. If you need a probate or divorce lawyer in Singapore, they can also be your go-to professionals.

Most family law proceedings necessitate the completion of much paperwork. As time passes, the procedure becomes overwhelming. To cope with the various facets of your family’s problems alone can be emotionally draining.

As you work with them, they will develop a unique strategy for addressing your specific family law issues and connect you to a wide range of support and services to help you cope with the transition.

You’ll feel more guided by a family lawyer in Singapore that knows the ins and out. They simplify and clarify the procedures in a way that is easy for you to understand.

What Can a Family Lawyer Do For You?


1. Prenuptial agreement administration

A couple draws up a prenuptial agreement before they get married. Regardless of the specifics, the purpose of this contract is to spell out the terms governing spousal support and property division in the event of a divorce.

If there are any issues with the prenuptial agreement, the couple can turn to a divorce lawyer in Singapore for assistance.

2. Settle divorce

If you and your spouse fit the grounds for separation, your lawyer will determine whether an uncontested or contested divorce is better for you and your family. Property division, child custody arrangements, alimony and spouse or wife maintenance, are the most common sources of legal complications.

You and your ex-spouse will have to decide whether or not to keep your marital home, whether you must sell it after the divorce, and how much maintenance your ex-spouse and children can receive. They can also deal with divorce mediation in Singapore, a non-binding process facilitated by a neutral third party, as an alternate dispute resolution approach.

Child custody is a legal arrangement requiring both parents to adhere to certain guidelines. Divorcing parents can work with an experienced family lawyer to draft such a document.

3. Advising and defending clients in court

As much as family law attorneys help their clients resolve family conflicts outside the courtroom, they must prosecute a few cases. In case you need a criminal defence lawyer in Singapore, those specialising in family law are better equipped to assist clients in obtaining remedies in such cases.

These lawyers have a lot of experience with these situations and deal with them frequently.

4. Handling of estates and testaments

A probate lawyer in Singapore specialising in family law is also a professional charged with carrying out the wishes of a deceased person’s heirs.

It is their job to guide their clients through drafting these agreements. They also ensure an estate is handled according to the instructions given in a decedent’s will.

5. Manage adoption

Adoptions can involve many legal hoops to jump through. You must demonstrate to the child welfare agencies or the law that you are physically, psychologically, emotionally and financially ready to look after an adopted kid.

A family lawyer in Singapore can assist you in ensuring that all of the necessary documentation is in order and assist you in expediting the legalisation of your adoption.

Without the help of a professional who knows about the adoption process, understanding the system can be difficult.

6. Deal with violence

When a conflict between life partners or children involves abuse or violence, evidence is required in court to show it. They could represent a parent or a child who has been accused of abuse or neglect. An experienced family lawyer in Singapore can help you gather proof so that you can take legal action and file a lawsuit.

Compelling Reasons Why You Need a Family Lawyer


1. Defend your legal rights

Even if you’re involved in a divorce, a divorce lawyer in Singapore who knows family law will be there to protect your interests. A family lawyer’s priority is to protect the rights of the people they represent.

2. Assist you through court procedures

A family lawyer in Singapore familiar with the local courts and the law system can be beneficial during highly emotional matters involving family members, such as divorce or separation. You won’t have to worry about missing anything as they will be able to help you in court.

3. Create documents

Drafting and submitting the correct documents within the applicable deadlines might be challenging for those unfamiliar with the family law system. Some may not have any idea about what they are writing for or signing. A family lawyer can handle all the appropriate paperwork and ensure it is legally valid.

4. Mediate between conflicts

Families having internal conflicts or couples that can seem to reach an agreement are often fighting. It typically leads to delayed court procedures or sometimes rejections. Disputes over divorce or estates may be emotionally draining and distressing for everyone involved.

Having a divorce or probate lawyer in Singapore will be beneficial as they can act as mediators to reach a compromise.

5. Gain a sense of closure

Matters taken to court can take time to be forgotten or healed. For the vast majority of people, having a family lawyer in Singapore on their side is the best way to ensure that all of their alternatives are laid out, that any agreement is made with full awareness of the facts, and that they can move on with peace.

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