What else can you do in Taxco, Mexico

In this blog let’s not focus on the mainstream approaches of touristing this brilliant Hispanic city, Taxco. You will obviously think of visiting the signature spots in Taxco, which is good in its own way – but does it really help you experience the true and core essence of Taxco? Probably not -so let’s look at the things to do in Taxco Mexico -unorthodox things- that will let you get into the heart of this city.

For history buffs

If you are a history buff, looking for things to do in Taxco Mexico you will never be disappointed. Ancient Mexico has been home to five major civilizations, the Olmec, Maya, Teotihuacan, Toltec and Aztec. Hence, one can only imagine the historical, archaeological and Anthropological importance this place will have. Although all civilizations have left their mark in and around Taxco, Aztec in particular was at large around these parts. As a matter of fact an important center of the Aztecs was called Texcoco.

Ixcateopan de Cuauhtemoc, is one of the major archaeological sites located only 36 Kms from Taxco. This site has been used by the Cohuixcas, Chontales and Aztecs. The present day remains are said to be once part of a ceremonial centre and army garrison. This was also the final resting place of the last Aztec Tlatoani, Cuauhtemoc. In present day, Ixcateopan has a church turned museum, that has many Pre-Hispanic artefacts.

For nature lovers

“In all things of nature there is something of the marvellous”- Aristotle. Every region that has ever been home to great civilizations has also been the abode of great natural beauty. If you are looking for things to do in Taxco Mexico, do indulge in options, that the nature has to offer. Start with Mil Cascadas Waterfalls. It’s huge, extensive and ravishingly beautiful. Mil Cascadas has everything you would expect from a waterfall. Similarly beautiful, amidst the dense Coniferous forests is the 80 meters high, Cacalotenango waterfalls.

Mexican Mountains are filled with pockets of rock bed pools, formed by waterfalls. Lustrous pools that look nothing short of paradise. Las Pozas Azules -is one such location that will help you unwind from all your earthly shackles. You can spend here hours, getting lost in the magic -the nature has in store. As the clear blue water flows down the rocky pathways of Mexican Mountains, they accumulate in many pockets -creating mountain pools. Las Pozas Azules, is a group of such pools -which has three parts to it. The lower, middle and upper. The middle part itself has 5 pools, whilst the upper part is incredibly raw in its beauty. Ask for a guide for a better exploration.

Mexican Mountains are also known for their cave systems. Out of all the things to do in Taxco Mexico, exploring these cave systems definitely come up as one of the top interests. Praque Nacional Grutas de Cacahuamilpa, is one of largest cave systems in the entire world. It has 20 underground spaces open for exploration, with another 70 unexplored. This cave system also holds Pre-Hispanic era importance. Among other such cave systems are Mina prehispanica De Taxco and Grutas la Estella.

Gems hidden in the city

Finally there are hidden gems embedded at the core of the city itself, that gives you a sharp taste of this land, its people and their history. And these things to do in Taxco Mexico are also highly recommended when you visit.

Named after the explorer, Alexander Von Humboldt -the Casa Humboldt is a fine museum exhibiting 18th century artefacts. This city’s love affair with silver is a major attraction of Taxco. The Spratling Ranch Workshop is a good place to view the silver history of Taxco. People who visit this place call it a living history of William Spratling’s life in Taxco. The unique legacy of this workshop is well preserved and continued by the current owner of this place -Violante Ulrich. These workshops are indeed a wonderful attraction of this city. Apart from the Ranch, Los Castillo is another such workshop. And finally, for some modern fun, visit the water park -El Rollo Praque  Acuatico.