To have a healthy home and to live a healthy life, you need a very good filter system that can effectively filter out contaminants from your water supply.

When fluoride is in water, it becomes very toxic, no matter how little it is. Regularly drinking water that has fluoride can be very dangerous to your health; it can even lead to the thyroid problem. As soon as fluoride has been added to your water system, it can no longer be controlled. This matter is very serious, most especially for children who have exceeded the age of consuming recommended fluoride daily. In this article, we will talk about the filter systems that effectively remove fluoride from tap water or your water system.

There are some high-quality water filter systems for any kind of home that can get rid of this contamination. We need to find and know which water option is the best for us.

The growth of population has also affected the want for filters. More people than ever are always asking for filters that can remove fluoride from their water. If you are interested in getting a better idea, keep reading this guide.

Before we talk about the filter system that removes fluoride from water, let us discuss little what fluoride is.

Fluoride – What is it?

Mineral rocks already have natural fluoride and when you use water to dissolve the rock, no taste, color, or smell will be added to the water. To keep the teeth in good and healthy condition, just a little quantity of it is required. Some fluoride-opponents claim that the fluoride in ground-water is already more than enough and it can cause damages to some parts of the body such as the kidneys, bones, and many other parts of the human body.

Can fluoride be removed by water filter?

The American dental association has claimed that 1 PPM is the maximum amount of fluoride that water can dissolve.

It is very important to know if a water filter system can reduce or even completely remove fluoride from water or it cannot be possible.  Four different methods have been listed by WQA (Water Quality Association) about how fluoride can be reduced or removed from the water. Below are the four listed methods.

  • Reverse Osmosis

This method of filtering water is commonly used by people. With this method, a semi-permeable membrane will remove close to 100 percent of contaminants from your water. One good thing about the reverse osmosis is that it does not require electricity.

  • Activated Alumina

This adsorption media is also good at reducing and filtering out fluoride from water. Berkey filters are very popular when it comes to making use of this method

  • Anion Exchange

This method is not so easy to find. It is only used for industrial purposes.

  • Distillation method

This option seems to be the last and no category of filter has it. However, this method is very effective at removing fluoride from water.

Can fluoride filters remove fluoride from water?

Carbon filters remove chlorine from your water, thereby, improving the taste of your water. Notwithstanding, they cannot reduce or remove fluoride from your water. However, carbon filters purify water with the use of charcoal for absorption but still cannot have any effect on fluoride.

Can water softeners remove fluoride?

As the name implies, water softeners are used to make hard water soft. This does not mean that they can get rid of fluoride in water. What water softeners mainly do is to filter out calcium and magnesium ions from water and putting back potassium ions or sodium into the water.

Now, the big question comes again. Are there water filters that can reduce or completely remove fluoride from water? The answer to this question is yes!

In this guide, we have mentioned the filtration methods that can reduce and remove fluoride from water, most especially, the reverse osmosis which is commonly used by people. Now, you can purchase a high-quality water filter that can keep your water safe from fluoride.

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