What is a Bubbler? And How to Use One as Per Puff 21. 

A man smokes a marijuana joint at a party celebrating weed Wednesday, April 20, 2016, in Seattle. Fans of the drug have long marked April 20 as a day to roll weed or munch on pot-laced brownies, and call for increased legal access to it. This year's celebrations throughout the U.S. come amid loosening of marijuana restrictions and increasing tolerance for the plant's use from Alaska to Massachusetts. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

What Is a Bubbler?

A bubbler can be defined as a glass water pipe (typically borosilicate) that filters and cools smoke using water and a percolation mechanism, resulting in smoother hits than a standard pipe. The tool is made of a continuous piece of glass, i.e., a bubbler’s bowl, water chamber, stem, and mouthpiece. Most bubblers have carbs that let you adjust the air going into the bowl, building an ember that won’t go out. Keep in mind that bubblers are different from bongs, despite their similarities. Multiple chambers, pieces of glass, etc., may be used to create bongs of varying sizes, shapes, and colors. However, bubblers are significantly more compact and are made from a single piece of glass. Consider them a hybrid between a standard bong and a glass pipe. Most people don’t know how to actually use bubblers. That is why experts at Puff 21 have prepared a guideline on using a bubbler

Why Buy a Bubbler?

There isn’t just one way to smoke cannabis. Pipes, bubblers, and bongs are the most common methods of inhaling cannabis, and each has its own set of benefits. Bubblers are much-liked for a variety of reasons, including their portability and convenience. Given their advantages, they have a dedicated fan base and find common ground between hand pipes and bongs. That is why every smoker should have one.

How To Use a Bubbler.

Step 1. Clean it.

It’s always recommended that you clean your bubbler before using it. Even if you’re using a brand-new bubbler, you should still clean it to remove any dirt or debris that could have gotten inside.

Step 2. Fill the chamber with water.

After thoroughly cleaning your bubbler, fill the water chamber with ice-cold water. Keep in mind that the hits will be cooler and smoother if the water is colder.

Step 3. Grind your herbs.

For use in bongs and bubblers, we advise a medium-fine grind (about the same as coarsely ground salt); however, this is a matter of personal opinion. Using a grinder is much more preferred than using bare hands due to uniformity.

Step 4. Load your weed.

Utilize a pipe screen to prevent cannabis bits from dropping into your water chamber before adding ground herbs into your bowl. Then, fill the bowl with ground herbs by scooping some out and pushing it softly at first before becoming rough at the top. You can use your finger to push against the ground weed and compress it. Be sure not to restrict airflow for smooth hits.

Step 5. Light em up.

Light up your weed once you’ve filled your chamber and packed your bowl. If your bubbler includes a carb, block it with your finger or thumb as you light the bowl and gently pull smoke into the chamber prior to inhaling.

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