What is Mil-Spec paracord

Mil-Spec paracord is the  military grade paracord used by the US Army. It’s used as survival gear and also for parachutes.

There are different types of Mil-Spec paracords. The most common is Type III which there are 7 strands in a bundle with it being 4 ply twisted.  The other type would be Type V, which has 6 strands (3 per side) with 3 or more ply twists each strand, allowing for more strength and durability. The word Mil-Spec means “military specification”. Military specifications are a set of standards that products made for the military must meet to receive approval from the Department of Defense (DoD). If you’re wondering what all this has to do with paracord bracelets then just hang on, we will get to that  in a moment. 

We all know that we can unravel paracord for whatever use needed, from quick and easy fishing line to a tourniquet or even sewing thread for clothing repairs. But did you also notice when unraveling your paracord how perfectly it’s built like a rope?  If you have ever received Mil-Spec paracords then you will see what I mean by this, the construction of these are done very similar to parachute cord where they are braided inside one another with 4 plies (or layers), which is why Mil-Spec paracords can support 550lbs of weight without breaking, but there’s more than meets the eye with this type of cordage. You may find yourself thinking “What could I ever use  this type of cordage for?” Well here’s a list of great uses:

Towing and watersports:  Because of it’s ability to hold up under great weight

and it’s strength, you can use Mil-Spec paracords for anchoring a boat trailer or even tow your boat with this. The reason as to why the construction is so strong, is because it is built to support air craft and parachute lines that are in action, which means Mil Spec paracord is super durable when being used compared to other jump ropes or parachutes cord that can only carry 220lbs of weight.

Mil-Spec paracord is also great for towing tubes and waterskiers  because of it’s lightweight and strength, so if you want to tow heavy weight items that are not made for certain types of rope or wire, the best material to use is Mil-Spec paracord.

Fishing:  Fishing line is one of the most important things when going out to fish. It has a lot of use such as holding up your fishing rod or even surf casting. One type of fishing line you should be very careful with though, is braid because braid can easily break under pressure or sharp objects that can make your day worst than what it already was. A good strong braided fishing line made from Mil Spec paracord is great for catching bigger fish, however it also provides you with support in case you need to tie up your catches for cleaning or to keep them away from bears.

Interview: I relayed my findings to a friend who has been fishing for over 20 years. He told me that the normal braided fishing line would break very easily under pressure and sharp objects where Mil Spec paracord can hold up to anything. Even if it breaks as he said it won’t feel like anything others than a slight tug on your rod.

He also told me about how some fishermen use this Mil Spec paracord instead of using braid which gives you support because if you have to cut your day short fishing or come back home early, no one likes coming back with nothing but red faces. Coming back with something is better than nothing at all especially when you paid for the trip already and looking forward to getting out there.

As you can see, there are near infinite uses for this spectacular cord . If you’re looking for good quality cord, I highly suggest mil spec paracord from Tough Grid.

Mil Spec Paracord is great for anything and anything that has to do with survival gear or a military outfit. You can also find this at certain stores like REI, Cabellas’, Amazon, army surplus stores in USMC colors, your local fishing store(it’s used to make survival bracelets), camping shops or nearly anywhere outdoors supplies are sold.

It’ll hold up under weight, weathering and even the harshest of conditions so if you’re willing to spend a little more money on something worth it than buy MIl-Spec paracord because you get what you pay for.  It’s not expensive but it’s certainly durable.