What Should I Wear For Speed Dating?

When you’ve discovered a good speed dating event to attend but don’t know what to wear? The clothes you wear will make your night with the guy of your dreams unforgettable. There are several variables to consider while selecting what to dress for speed dating success. The venue, season, time of night, and personality all influence your decision. Make the most of your best features to stand out from the pack. In this article, we have put together some tips to help you decide what you should wear for a speed dating event?

Your attire should be neither too formal nor too casual.

If the location is formal, dress accordingly; dress more casually if it’s a casual pub. In general, a smart-casual style is preferable, similar to what you would wear to a simple dinner.

It’s a good idea to add some colour or a distinctive accent to assist people in remembering you. And everything should be clean, crease-free, fresh-smelling, in good condition, and appropriate for your build.

Let us split this into 2,

  1. What should a man wear for speed dating?
  2. What should a woman wear for speed dating?

What Should A Man Wear For Speed Dating?

Unless it’s a formal setting on the weekend, smart casual is a decent rule of thumb. Your clothes should be wrinkle-free and clean. Shoes should be scuff-free; brogues or trendy boots are excellent. Select something that represents your personality as well. If you’re not into fashion but want to appear sharp, Pinterest may be a fantastic sourceof inspiration.

In terms of details, here are several outfits that have shown to be effective.

  • Wear a smart suit jacket over a great t-shirt, excellent quality jeans (slim or straight-cut, depending on your form), and a pair of casual brogues.
  • Polo shirt, trousers, and fashionable sneakers.
  • Shirt with a high v-neck sweater, jeans, chinos, or mules.
  • A fashionable t-shirt paired with a sharp-looking blazer and trousers.
  • Chinos and a polo shirt are appropriate.
  • Trousers, shirt, and a lightweight, fashionable sweater.

If you’re having trouble deciding what’s best for you, most businesses have someone who can assist and will gladly give you advice. If you have the funds, hiring a personal shopper or in-store stylist might be a fantastic option. Also, don’t forget to use a good aftershave.

What Should A Woman Wear For Speed Dating?

Whatever the situation, exhibit the most refined version of yourself. You want to look and feel fantastic, to be comfortable while yet looking appropriate for the event. The way you present yourself will determine whether you receive a second date or not. Don’t feel obligated to match a mould or stereotype. Here are some stylish women’s outfits:

  • Bright acceptable pants, a rolled-sleeved jacket, and a shirt with pumps.
  • A jersey or cotton dress with knee-high boots/opaque tights or strappy sandals (seasonally appropriate).
  • With a pencil skirt, a sweater, and kitten heels.

Show some skin – either your legs or your boobs! Highlight your finest asset, but don’t overdo it. Get rid of items that don’t fit, are worn, aren’t flattering, or don’t make you feel good. You may also experiment with colour and accessories – a striking necklace, hair ties, or earrings can make you stand out. If you use make-up, stick to what you’d wear on a night out with friends.


To conclude, allow your personality to shine through your clothing. Don’t attempt to blend in or conceal; instead, be yourself. Similarly, don’t feel compelled to adopt an “out there” style.