What you should know about E2 Visa Laws

E2 visa laws are constitutional laws governing individuals from treaty countries such as Australia, Armenia, Albania, Argentina, Canada, Colombia and allow them to freely invest their capital in the US. These countries should have a treaty of commerce and navigation with the US government or must be considered as qualifying countries by legislation, or better still, maintain an international agreement with the US.

So, are you a nonimmigrant interested in going to work or invest in the United States? E2 invest visa or visa laws allow you to enjoy the privilege.  Depending on your country of origin, the E2 visa can be active from three months to five years. However, you can renew it indefinitely if needed.

Who Qualifies for E2 Visa?

Apart from just coming from US treaty commerce countries, other factors determine if you qualify for E2 visa law los angeles. Among them include;


Whether you are an individual, corporate entity, or partnership, any investor willing to obtain a treaty investor or E2 visa must have valid citizenship of one of the US treaty countries.

Sufficient funds

If you wish to have an E2 visa as an investor, you should have substantial investment funds or assets to use. That way, the operation of the enterprise can be successful.

High level of expertise

By being an ordinary skilled or not skilled at all means you do not qualify for this visa. That is because the main reason for wanting to process the E2visa and come to the United States should be to direct and develop enterprises. So, only principal investors and essential employees, such as those employed as executives, supervisors, or have high expertise capacity, can qualify.

Active commercial investments

With this kind of investment, the enterprise must be in active operation, commercial, or successful entrepreneurship. Remember bank-account funds that are not committed are not taken as investments.

High level of income

Although providing a stable living for your family and yourself is the ideal reason why you may want to invest your efforts and finances in a certain business, it is not the same with E2 visa investors. Your investment must yield positive and noticeable fruits to the economy of the USA.

Therefore, before embarking on a journey of processing an E2 investor visa, make sure you come from one of the US treaty commercial countries, and you should also be able to fulfill the above requirements.