What’s In My Bag: 5 Tips When Travelling With Pets And Their Essentials

Pack a bottle of pet eye drops and other essentials in your bag, and you are now ready to take a vacation with your fur baby and loved ones. However, most people miss some travel tips that help them elevate their experiences. Let us explore more of them in this article:

  1. Plan everything. You can pack your bags a few days or weeks before your flight to save time and effort. It helps you plan your clothing for the vacation, the essentials you need, and whether you need to contact a wholesale pet supplies distributor in Singapore for additional stocks of your preferred care product.
  2. Sort your transportation. Travelling by land is easier for most pets because there is no need to secure government permits and other paperwork for your fur baby, but make sure to have a clear plan of how you will go to the destination. Will you drive alone? Or hire a personal chauffeur?
  3. Purchase travel-sized bottles to save space in your weekend bag. Your favourite collagen eye drops might come in smaller bottles, so always choose that option. Aside from that, make sure you have everything because pet essentials are not accessible to everyone.
  4. Keep an inventory or list of products you will bring to prevent losing them. It does not have to be comprehensive or high-technology because a simple written list is enough. You can also use bag organisers and pouches for your pet eye drops and other products.
  5. Take note of expiry dates and shelf life: A bottle of dog probiotics in Singapore should always be in good condition and follow the instructions on the label. Lastly, secure everything in your bag because dealing with spillages on the road is the last thing you want.

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