Which Areas Of The Face Can Be Treated With Dermal Fillers?


If you are looking for a non-surgical or non-invasive procedure that can help to smooth or plump particular features of your face, dermal fillers are an excellent solution. Such injections are safe and efficient for several concerns. Dermal Fillers Toronto can be inserted into a broad range of areas and, also can produce noticeable or subtle effects, according to your needs. The following areas of a face can be treated with these fillers:


Lips are one of the most commonly treated areas of dermal fillers. Most famous people have undergone such lip injections. Fillers are usually injected either the border of the lips to enhance the definition or directly into the body of the lips to boost fullness. Although the majority of people think that they are the only treatment for thin lips, dermal fillers can also correct a downward smile by restoring lips and mouth symmetry.


Most patients will choose to have dermal fillers on their chins rather than the surgical procedure for their chin. If you are concerned about a small chin, the fillers are very useful to define the jawline in a better way. As the dermal filler won’t last forever, so you will need to consider surgery for a more permanent solution.


When your aging starts, it’s natural that your cheeks lose volume. It’s so because you lose subcutaneous fat slowly and look older, tired or gaunt. The dermal fillers can pump the hollow areas into a natural volume to produce a new and refreshed appearance.


The section under your eyes is also called tear trough and it is another major use of dermal fillers to correct the part. As we age, we naturally lose volume under the eyes because of the loss of bone density and elasticity of the tissue.  The tear trough area can make you dizzy even if you are not. The dermal fillers make your eyes more youthful and rested.


Although it may seem odd to get a dermal filler in your nose, it is a great surgical alternative. Dermal fillers can help in minimizing lumps and bumps of a nose and smooth out any twinkling lines on your nose. This is a good option for working people who don’t want surgical nasal fixes.

Consult a surgeon to know more about the dermal fillers and would they work for you.