Why a Berkey Shower Filter is important.

One would feel safe if they know that the water they drink is clean. It has to be free from any impurities and contaminants. Everyone knows that water-borne illnesses are dangerous. All the more reason that drinking water must go through filtration. Berkey Water Purifiers have different types of water filters that create clean water.  For more information on Berkey shower filters, visit the official USA Berkey website

People should also think about the nutrients that they can receive from water. Nothing beats drinking water for hydration. It keeps a human’s cell healthy and nourished. The thing is that some filtration methods remove these nutrients. This is part of the filtering done in water.

This is why extra stages in the procedure return these valuable minerals. Not only that, but it also reduces the acidity of water by placing alkaline to maintain the balance. After all, one needs water, not acid in the body.

In case a person is planning to get a water purifier, they need to check on some facts first. This article will help them learn about these facts. Here, they will know about some of the common water filtration methods. It’s better to also know what purifier will suit their needs.

Common water purifier types

Activated carbon

Who might’ve guessed that coconut husks can filter water? Most people throw them after getting its core but it has another role to play. Aside from it drying up and becoming fire starters, it can filter water after treatment. Granulated coconut husks are subject to heat so that its pores would open up. When this happens, it can absorb impurities from water.

This is common; yet, a very reliable water filtration system. The thing is, one should know the varying differences in the results it produces. This is with regards to quality, the level of impurities it removes, and its lifespan. This filter is so common that one can see it in many forms. They can see it in water jugs, portable drinking bottles, benchtop units, and more.

Tap filters and under sink systems use carbon filters as well. In fact, most houses install this type of filter in every water system possible. This is because it is very easy to install in one’s home. Its popularity boomed when people began to live in customized vans and trucks. Another thing is that it is very inexpensive. One can receive great value from using this filter.

It is cheap and adsorbs most high-level water contaminants; common contaminants, that is. Some will also see upgraded carbon filters. By adding activated nano-silver to the filter, it will have antibacterial properties. This means it can kill most organisms living in the water.

Carbon filters work by removing silt and sediment from water. It absorbs these impurities and separates them from the water. The result is clean water flowing through the faucet. It also removes odor from the water and makes it taste better. This happens through the removal of chlorine from the water. The removal of contaminants from the water contributes to this result as well.

Water Ionizers

Ionizers use on-board water filters in their system. One should note though that among all water purifier types, this is the most expensive of all. This is true for both the machine and the replacement filter cartridges. Despite this, it is still very popular when it comes to water purification.

Some experts have divided opinions about its health benefits though. Some say that it has many health benefits from long term use. Others say it produces the same number of health issues as well. Their opinions depend on the water source for this filter. Some water sources contain heavy metals such as lead and pesticides. It also contains matter; both organic and inorganic. They also have divided conclusions on the effectiveness of this filter.

In any case, water ionizers work in a very distinct way. It uses electricity to separate normal water into two different streams of water. One stream is acidic; the other, alkaline. The result is not only “soft” water but water with low acidity as well. This type of water is better for skincare too.

To explain further, one stream is pure acid oxidizing water. This water is for external use only. The other stream is alkaline antioxidant water. This is safe for drinking. The process of producing these two streams of water involves electrolysis. All ionizers use this method in filtering water.

The type of water that this method produces also has medical uses. For the most part, consuming this type of water needs professional medical guidance. Sometimes, a person needs a prescription to buy this water. Some countries even prohibit the normal and domestic use of this type of water. This is because its main purpose is to help neutralize stomach acid in a person’s body. In other words, people with high acidity benefit more from this water.

Microporous ceramic filters

When people go on long hikes, they need water to replenish their body’s liquid supply. They could use water from streams then filter it with microporous ceramic filters. Some of these filters come in portable sizes so people can bring them anywhere.

It is an inexpensive type of water filter that works by using its very small pores to filter water. These pores are so tiny that it can filter bacteria from water. It can also remove debris and dirt from the water.

Its drawback is that there are still impurities small enough to pass through those pores. A good example to provide is viruses. Some of these filters undergo silver treatments so that it can kill bacteria. It will also stop the growth of algae and mold within the filter’s body.

Some ceramic filters use activated carbon to remove heavy metals and organic matter. It can absorb compounds like chlorine. If one is using this filter with activated carbon, they always need to replace the cartridge. This is because the foreign materials separated from the water stays in the carbon.

One can choose from two different ceramic filter styles. One is a pot-type; the other, a candle-type. Both types perform the same way so there is nothing special about it. The lower part of the filter has a faucet for easy drinking.

These are only three of many other water filter types. Berkey Water Purifiers have their own product range with regards to filters. Each one will deliver safe and clean water while promoting good health at the same time.