Why Anti-Braking System is Important for Two-Wheelers

It is no secret that two-wheelers are the preferred mode of transportation for a majority of families in India. Since two-wheelers manoeuvre better than four-wheelers irrespective of the width or quality of a road, they provide the rider with a higher degree of flexibility and freedom in controlling the vehicle. However, the brakes traditionally used in two-wheelers made them vulnerable to skidding, particularly on slippery roads. Therefore, the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) is an important technology, particularly in the context of two-wheelers. It prevents the wheels of their bike from completely locking on the sudden application of brakes

In many ways, the ABS performs functions akin to a bike insurance policy and provides substantial protection to a rider. The anti-lock braking technology is, thus, akin to a two-wheeler insurance plan: it prevents accidents and saves lives. In fact, if your bike has the ABS installed in it, the overall cost of your bike insurance policy computed through a bike insurance calculator gets drastically reduced. 

What is an anti-lock braking system?

An anti-lock braking system (ABS) is a mechanism that prevents a vehicle from skidding in the wake of the sudden application of the brakes. It is important to note here that in the conventional braking systems used in two-wheelers, the wheels got locked when the brakes were applied, resulting in the vehicle skidding on the road. However, the  ABS stops the wheels from completely locking and keeps them rotating so as to allow the vehicle to gradually come to a halt without skidding or falling over. 

Why should you purchase a bike with an anti-lock braking system? 

The ABS technology has proved extremely effective in preventing accidents, particularly on India’s roads which witness widespread non-compliance to traffic rules and irresponsible driving. From April 1st, 2019, all the vehicles manufactured in India, two-wheelers and four-wheelers alike, are required to be equipped with the ABS. Therefore, when you are purchasing a new bike, ensure that you select one that is equipped with an anti-lock braking system. Even if the inclusion of said system adds to the cost of the two-wheeler, you must consider it as a valuable and potentially life-saving investment.

There are several reasons why you should purchase a bike with an anti-lock braking system, some of which have been discussed below. 


  • Safety on all types of roads


Whether you are driving your bike on a smooth and well-maintained city road or on slippery mountainous terrain, the anti-lock braking system can provide you with significant protection. Therefore, you must opt for a bike that has anti-lock braking technology installed in it. 


  • A smoother driving experience


The anti-lock braking system enables you to have a smooth and relatively risk-free experience whilst riding your bike. Even if you are required to apply the brakes suddenly or execute a sharp turn, the ABS moderates the speed and the rotation of the wheels and ensures that the bike does not skid. The aforementioned feature of the ABS is sufficient reason to have it installed in your bike if it is not pre-installed in it. 


  • Reduction in the insurance cost 


Having a bike equipped with an anti-lock braking system helps you benefit from a reduction in the cost of your bike insurance policy. Since ABS decreases the chances of accidents, it is considered to be an in-built insurance tool by a majority of instance companies. 


  • Increased resale value for your bike 


A bike that has the anti-lock braking system installed in it has a higher resale value as compared to a bike without the ABS. Therefore, investing in the aforementioned technology enhances your two-wheeler’s life as well as its resale value. 


  • Enhanced traction control


The anti-lock braking system increases the traction control of your bike, allowing you to efficiently accelerate and control the vehicle even on difficult terrain. Furthermore, the ABS also enhances the efficiency of additional traction control systems installed in vehicles. 

  1. Increased speed of braking 

One of the major benefits of an anti-lock braking system is that it enhances the speed of the braking mechanism of your bike, particularly on a wet and slippery road, enabling you to have a higher margin of error in the application of brakes. However, the aforementioned feature does not work as efficiently on roads covered with fresh snow or gravel. 

Protect your bike further with bike insurance

Additionally, you must invest in a comprehensive insurance policy for a two-wheeler to safeguard yourself, your bike and the affected third party in the event of an accident. In the present times, it is incredibly easy to purchase an online bike insurance policy. A majority of the leading motor insurance providers in the country, including the Tata AIG two-wheeler policy, have a comprehensive selection of plans available for purchase online. 

You can visit their official website and purchase the policy that is most suited to your requirements without having to invest a substantial amount of time, money, and effort. 


Since both the anti-lock braking system and a bike insurance policy have been designed with the objective of ensuring a safe and smooth experience for you on the roads of the country, you must not think twice before subscribing to the benefits of the aforementioned products. Therefore, ensure that you have the ABS installed on your bike and purchase a comprehensive bike insurance policy online.