Why Is An SSL Certificate Important For Your Company’s Website?

Every website, big or small, requires some security measures to protect its websites against the increasing cybercriminal activities, malware, security breaches, and other online threats. 

Web hosting companies provide security services such as SiteLock security, SSL Certificates, and more to offer high-level website protection against online threats that compromise websites and leak sensitive and confidential information.

In this article, we shall see the meaning and significance of SSL Certificates for website’s security. 

What is an SSL Certificate? 

SSL, also known as Secure Sockets Layer Certificates, ensures secure data transmission between the user’s browser and the website’s server. Therefore, SSL security authenticates a website’s identity, enabling encrypted and secure network connections. 

Unlike earlier, it is quite easy and convenient to install an SSL Certificate on your website to enhance its reliability, credibility, and security. 

The following video explains how SSL Certificates work:

How Does SSL Certificates Work

Why is an SSL Certificate important for your website? 

Here are some fundamental and crucial reasons why you must purchase an SSL Certificate for your business website:

  • Enhanced website security

SSL Certificates are especially crucial if your website deals with gathering sensitive customer information, such as credit card numbers, passwords, and more. An SSL Certificate shall ensure sensitive data transmission to and from your website’s server. 

Therefore, such SSL Comodo Certificates protect your customer’s private information, such as passwords, addresses, signups, and more, from hackers and other malicious threats. However, if your website deals with less customer or user information, you can opt for a Positive SSL Certificate for your website. 

  • Business credibility and customer trust

One of the most significant advantages of SSL Certificates is increased customer trust in your website and business. In addition, SSL Certificates displays a security padlock on the left corner of your browser’s address bar. 

This padlock denotes a secure connection, making your website visitors believe in the credibility of your website and shows that you take privacy seriously. Some browsers label websites with no SSL Certificates as “unsafe”.

  • Safety for all subdomains 

The wildcard is a specific type of SSL Certificate that allows you to secure your main website and all its subdomains, such as,, etc. 

This feature is particularly useful and beneficial if you have a large website with multiple subdomains. In contrast, you will be required to install separate SSL Certificates each time for your subdomains with a standard SSL. 

  • Enhanced SEO performance

Websites having SSL Certificates have an added benefit of enhanced SEO (Search Engine Optimization) performance. Websites with SSL Certificates are initiated with the HTTPS protocol, preferred by Google.  

Google offers preferential treatment to websites with SSL Certificates and boosts their SEO ranking, offering them a higher SERP (Search Engine Results Page) position on the search engines. Thus, this is always an added benefit to standing apart from your competitors. 

Summing Up

Activating SSL Certificates for your business website will protect your website’s and customers’ sensitive information from hackers, enhance its SEO performance, and significantly boost its search engine rankings. In addition, these certificates establish customer’s trust, making you a viable, reliable, and credible business. 

Therefore, buy an SSL Certificate for your business website today for enhancing its security and overall performance.