Women’s Choice: 6 Ways to Know If You’re Ready for a Baby

Society puts pressure on young people to start a family in their 20s. For sons, parents would say: when will you find a wife? You’re not a real man if you’re not looking for a woman. For daughters, you’re getting older, and your biological clock is ticking. More so, when your parents want you to give them grandchildren. Indeed, women are more fertile in their 20s than in their 30s or 40s. However, it’s not a valid reason to rush your decision to get pregnant because you might experience complications like divarication of the recti.

Getting pregnant is not a ticket to proving your place in society. It doesn’t give you access to say that you’re part of the norm. The current generation is breaking these toxic social standards that have caused mental, physical and emotional health from normalcy. In the USA, the recent case of Roe v. Wade has concluded to ban on abortion in some states.

Once again, it gave women less freedom of choice regarding their bodies. If you need to hear this, you can get pregnant at any age you like, as long as you’re ready. If your partner needs to know, they must also respect your decision when you say you’re not yet prepared.

Whether you’re in your 30s or 40s, here are some tips for knowing if you’re ready for pregnancy. This way, you can avoid complications like post partum belly.


How to Know If You’re Ready to Have a Baby

Starting a family is a big decision between you and your partner. Unless you’re a billionaire, money will not be a problem. But, it’s more than that. Taking care of the baby needs you to become mature and emotionally stable. Only this way can you end the generational trauma. Plus, you also need to check if your body can physically withstand the changes while pregnant. Otherwise, you would experience complications like pelvic organ prolapse and divarication of the recti.

1) You’ve Healed From Your Traumas

Traumas leave a scar that you’ll bring until adulthood. If left untreated, you will also affect the people around you, especially your baby. The classic example is that when a person’s parents are abusive, there are chances that the person will follow this behaviour and pass it down to the child. If this continues, the future generations will adapt unless someone breaks it.

If you’re aware of your traumas and want to change them, do it and be a better person to your future child. It doesn’t mean that you have to be a perfect parent, but it’s just that you need to be more aware of your imperfections.

2) You’ve Reached Maturity

Everyone undergoes teenage years and young adulthood. It is the time when people go out and enjoy their time with friends and family. It’s the time in your life when you can have the freedom all you want to use your hard-earned money to travel or try new things. If you suddenly get pregnant, you’ll abruptly change your life situation and may miss your old lifestyle. You may also suffer from postpartum depression and other complications like diastasis recti.

Although there’s no age requirement when reaching maturity because it varies, it’s still essential to ask yourself: Am I mature enough to take care of the baby? Am I ready to sacrifice things? If you answered yes, that’s one step closer to your pregnancy.

3) You’re Financially Ready

Caring for a baby is not just an expense like buying a car. It’s an investment for your whole lifetime. To give you an idea, you’ll have to pay for medications, needs, enrolment fees, and other things you might not expect. Are you ready for this? If not, then take more time to rethink your decision to start a family. On top of this, you also need money once you suffer from post-pregnancy complications. You must also budget for your diastasis recti treatment in Singapore, baby’s milk, and more.

See, there are many things you need to consider and being financially ready has a long way to go before you can finally be prepared for what’s about to come. A baby is a blessing, yet a baby can also be a source of stress if you’re unwilling to have a child in the first place.

4) You Have the Power of Consent

Getting into pregnancy should be an agreement between you and your partner. Both of you should say yes. It will not work if your other half is unwilling. The boat will only sink when the other side is not giving any support. Both of you, parents, are the anchor of your children’s life. They will trust and rely on you for most of their lives. Even in adulthood, the way you treat their childhood will haunt them.

That’s why you need to have the power of consent before pregnancy. Saying yes is a powerful invitation to your partner, and the word no should also be equally powerful to protect your life. This way, you can prevent complications like post partum belly and marital conflict.

5) You Don’t Get Annoyed When a Child is Throwing a Tantrum

Most people quickly get annoyed when there’s a child who is throwing a tantrum. Some also get irritated when kids are playing around. If you catch yourself angry at the sight of them, it might indicate that you’re not ready to have a kid in your life. However, if you don’t feel annoyed, it might suggest that you have longer patience once you have a baby. You’ll also have an understanding of your baby’s needs.

On top of this, you will be more likely to be diligent when attending your diastasis exercises sessions because you’re not blaming anyone for why you have this physical complication.

6) You’re Ready to Sacrifice

A baby will change your life. Your child will surely bring a new challenge, laughter, love, and chapter to your life. Therefore, you need to accept that you’re ready to sacrifice many aspects of your life, like your career, dreams, and hobbies. Although you can still pursue them, it may add an extra challenge in your way when achieving your goals.

You also need to sacrifice your physical beauty because you might gain weight, discolour your skin, or experience post partum belly. But, for sure, your sacrifice will be worth the effort once you see your baby smile.

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