Your Beginner’s Guide To Storage Rental In Singapore


Obtaining a storage rental is common in Singapore as it is becoming overpopulated, and the houses nowadays are smaller. According to ASEAN Today, the country is facing land scarcity to the extent that everyone might have to bid farewell to leisure parks and golf courses. With the lack of space, the only solution everyone can depend on with their storage problems is to rent storage units.


Part I: What Are Storage Units?

Storage units are like shelvings but bigger without any layers. Even if that is the case, the purpose of storage units is the same as shelvings—provide extra space. Anyone who has rented it can keep more goods, whether for personal or business use.

If you plan to rent one soon, there are two types of storage units available in Singapore: short-term and long-term. Whatever option you choose, you will get the extra space you need, and you can only use them for a particular time range.

The time range highly depends on how long you are willing to rent self storage in Singapore to store your belongings.


Part II: The Pros And Cons Of Getting A Storage Unit

Whether you are planning to get a storage rental in Singapore next week or when you move to your new home, consider reading through the following. You will learn the benefits and drawbacks of renting a storage unit.

The Pros Of Getting A Storage Unit


  • Provides safe storage
  • Offer 24-hour access
  • More affordable options to get an extra space
  • Relieves stress during in-between times

The Cons Of Getting A Storage Unit


  • It may not be easy to find things inside a storage rental
  • Most storage rental providers operate somewhere far

You can tell at a glance that getting a storage space rental has more benefits than drawbacks. With the extra room, you can guarantee you will never run out of space to store your belongings. In addition, you can get anything you have in store at any time.


Part III: What Are The Things You Can And Cannot Store In Storage Units?

Since you have not yet rented a cheap storage unit in Singapore in the past, it only makes sense why you have no clue what you can and cannot store inside. In that case, ensure to take note of the following so you will know what to keep inside your storage space rental later on.

The Things You Can Store



●    Clothes

The style of clothes often changes, but instead of throwing away your old clothing, you should consider storing them somewhere safe.

●    Books

Whether hard or soft bound, books are just a compilation of papers and storing them in a storage rental in Singapore is not a problem.

●    Home Decor

Singapore is a country with several holidays, so it only makes sense why homeowners have various home decors. If that same goes for you, consider storing the home decor you will not use inside a storage space rental.

●    Furniture

If you plan to move to a new place, you can keep your pieces of furniture inside to ease your moving process. Doing so will help you settle in with your new home first before arranging all of your furniture.

●    Electronics & Appliances

Apart from furniture, you can also keep your electronics and appliances inside self storage in Singapore. But make sure to arrange the cables so as not to ruin the wires.

●    Musical Instruments

Whether you are a musician or playing an instrument is one of your hobbies, you can store them in a storage rental if you are not using them or moving to a new place.

The Things You Should Never Store



●    Food

Since food is perishable by nature, you should never keep them inside a storage space rental. If you do so, you will suffer from the foul smell of spoiled food, which could also ruin the rest of your belongings.

●    Hazardous Products

Products containing dangerous chemicals are not permitted in a storage space rental unit.  Expect to pay some penalty if you get caught red-handed.

●    Priceless Possessions

Another thing that you cannot store in a storage unit in Singapore is priceless processions. They can be things you have bought or received from your friends or family that have sentimental value to you.

●    Stolen Property

Since it is illegal to rob someone, stolen property is not permitted. If you are found out by authorities, you could face years in prison.

●     Wet Items

The only real issue with wet conditions is that they encourage the formation of mould, which can harm your possessions. That is why before you store anything, ensure they are dry and do not have moisture.


Part IV: How To Get The Most Out Of Your Storage Space Rental?


To guarantee you can maximise your storage space rental, here are some of the things you need to do during your lease.

1. Pack In A Systemised Manner

Besides packing your things inside the boxes, you should put a label stick. It will help you know the content of each box. Consider using different colours when labelling, like red is for fragile, blue is for electronics, and so on.

2. Use The Entire Space Vertically

Storing your belongings this way in a storage space rental allows you to have more space for other things you want to keep inside.

3. Map Out The Storage Unit

You should draw out the storage unit and stick the blueprint by the door, so you won’t forget where you put your goods.

4. Disassemble Pieces Of Furniture When Possible

Disassembling your pieces of furniture can help maximise the space of your storage unit in Singapore.  But guarantee to store all parts in a box to keep everything safe and not go missing later.

Now that you know what you need to know about storage units, you are ready to rent one yourself. Start your search for the perfect storage space rental for your needs by checking out SelfStore! Dropping in person is way better since you can see where your belongings will be stored in the future.