Your Four-Legged Companion And Its Best Behavior

When hopeful people adopt a dog, they know that they need to help their pets remain on their best behavior. There are a few things that can be done to help dogs behave well, and the dogs will continue to behave well once their owners have established expectations and trained their dogs properly. Read more to learn how to help dogs be on their best behavior all the time.

Send The Dog To An Obedience Class

Dog obedience classes are extremely helpful because a licensed or certified trainer can teach dogs how to behave under normal circumstances. Dogs are very smart, and they can be trained to do just about anything. Dogs will learn how to sit, how to stay, and how to walk on a leash. Dogs can be taught to stop jumping on people they have just met, and dogs can even be taught to stay off the furniture.

Follow Up With Obedience Training At Home

Dog owners should speak to the trainers for the dog obedience classes they signed up for. It helps to have a session with the owner, the dog, and the trainer. The owner can learn what to do to help the dog behave, and the dog will respond to commands that they learned in the class. If owners use these commands and gestures in their everyday life, they make sure their dog is obedient in any circumstance.

Crate Train The Dog

Dogs who come home from obedience classes also need to be crate trained. A dog should have a special crate and bed that they sleep in every night. Dogs that sleep in the bed could wake up at any time to go outside or play. Dog owners simply do not have time for that, and they need to teach the dog to sleep in the crate every night.

When dogs first come home, the crate should be placed in the owner’s room. The dog should be taken outside to use the bathroom, brought inside, and asked to go to bed. Putting the dog to bed every night at the same time is the easiest way to teach the dog the appropriate routine. As the dog becomes less anxious, the owner can move the dog’s crate to another room. The dog will know they need to go in the crate to go to sleep, and they might also take naps in the crate.

Use Treats As Rewards

Dogs love to get treats as rewards for good behavior. The dog obedience instructor likely used treats as rewards in the class. Owners can get treats that they will carry with them most of the time, and the dog can be rewarded for any and all good behavior. Dogs know that a treat is coming, and they are more likely to act well because they know their owner has treats.

Introduce Friends And Family Slowly

Dogs can get overwhelmed very quickly, and it is best to introduce them to friends and family slowly. A dog should not meet everyone at a massive gathering. Bring one or two people over at a time so that everyone can meet the dog over the course of a few weeks. Once the dog knows everyone, it will be easier for them to behave at a big party.

Get Any Dog The Training They Need Today

A dog needs help behaving, and obedience classes are a big part of the process. Dogs can learn anything, and they can be trained to behave well in all situations. Work with an obedience school, follow up with the instructor, crate train the dog, and reduce their exposure to new people.