Reasons Why People With Disabilities Do Not Get A Job

Most people with disabilities do not find employment since companies must have some support or social responsibility program. In some countries, civil associations, private companies, and government entities have implemented policies to ensure this population’s mandatory inclusion.

However, most people with disabilities do not find employment due to various reasons limiting opportunities in the labor field, shortening possibilities. The four reasons why most people with disabilities do not find work are the following:

The Ideology

It must be recognized that no matter how much regulations are used and awareness about disability is promoted, there are still people who are still not mentally prepared to deal with this population.

Many employers do not feel familiar with the conditions or do not know how to approach them, so the rejection of people with disabilities continues to be present.

Many mental barriers still exist, one of them is that due to the physical limitations that some of these people have, employers think they will not be productive enough for their companies. This being one of the major causes of why people with disabilities do not find employment.

Inadequate Infrastructure

The number of buildings, streets, and areas suitable for people with motor disabilities to move around without any inconvenience is limited.

This is one reason people with disabilities do not find employment, since many tend to avoid leaving their homes, feeling that if they cannot move around the streets, it would not be possible to find a job.

Lack Of Training

Few people with disabilities have the necessary tools to integrate into the labor field because there are not enough places to promote inclusion. Also, they need to know how to handle their wheelchair (in case of motor disability) or use a steering aids on for commuting to work.

Low Self-Esteem

Many people with disabilities do not find employment because they do not feel confident about themselves since they might think that their condition will not advance in different areas of their lives. So, if they value very little of their abilities, they will never go looking for a job, losing the ability to make others see their capabilities.

These are the four reasons why most people with disabilities do not find employment. However, it should be noted that some are included in different companies carrying out their work since disability is not synonymous with an impediment to do so.

Finally, people with disabilities can demonstrate that they are fully capable of doing a job; they only require more support from society, the necessary training, and adequate spaces.