4 Crucial Ways To Tell Your Parents About Your Nursing Home Plans In Singapore

In 2019, my mother got diagnosed with cardiomyopathy, wherein the muscular walls or muscles of the heart expand, stretch out, and solidify. Because of her heart disease, she suffered a cardiac arrest this year, 2022. As a child, working with a private nursing home in Singapore was one of the most challenging but also the best decisions I made. I mean, immersing your parents in some place elsewhere is a serious thought.

Nursing home operators offer the highest level of extensive care to a person outside the hospital. They provide custodial care, including assisting my mum with getting in and out of bed, dressing, bathing, walking, feeding, and the like. They also provide specialised care, such as medical monitoring, 24-hour emergency care, and treatments.

The only struggle was bringing up the conversation with my mother. It was challenging to tell her about my nursing home plans in Singapore. If you’re considering doing the same, here’s how I did it.


Unfortunately, life doesn’t give you a script that could magically remove all bumps in the road and challenges in life. Most circumstances come into our lives unpredictably and lead to either pleasant or unpleasant results. One of the best things I did for my mum was to come prepared and offer her as much information as I could gather. Some things about home nursing in Singapore I told her are:

  • The assisted living, maintenance-free lifestyle, and extended care services offered
  • How these nursing home operators can make life easier for my mum and me
  • All about nursing home and their duties
  • Ways to continue involving them in family-related matters
  • Ways to constantly communicate with each other, and lastly,
  • The peace of mind she can have


Another tip I could leave you is to put yourself in their shoes and empathise with what they feel. Being in a nursing home in Singapore is a big step to take. They may feel left out, fearful, and depressed. Set aside your emotions first, and listen to what their sentiments are.


Like the first tip, coming in prepared can be your best armour. Before talking to my mum, I researched nursing home options in Singapore, from assisted living, in-home care, senior living, and the like. I also gathered as much information about the varying levels of care and settings as I could. This information came in handy when my mum asked about it.


Present as many home nursing locations in Singapore as possible. Ask your parents if they prefer a community-living facility, condo-style living, or in-home services. Let your parents know that their final decision matters more to you.

The entire process of finding the right nursing home in Singapore, convincing, and talking takes time. Let your parents grasp all the information and your decision first. But planning ahead and considering these tips can also make the transition of moving in and persuading a bit much easier.

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