4 Factors to Consider When Choosing a T Shirt Printing Company in Singapore

When there are corporate events, heading to a t shirt printing company in Singapore for custom garments is an excellent way to make the gathering more fun. If it is your first time ordering shirts, here are 4 factors you need to consider to help you find the right store.
1. Order Size

Before searching for the right t shirt printing company, you must finalise your order. See how many garments you need. Ideally, you should add a few extras to act as spares when unforeseen problems arise.

However, you also need to know that not all printing stores can accommodate your order, especially if it is only a few shirts. More well-known establishments tend to have bulk orders and will decline smaller requests.

2. Printing Quality

Next, assess if their service is up to your expectations. You wouldn’t want to send a bulk order and receive poor-quality shirts. Not only would everyone refuse to wear them, but you also wasted company funds.

Fortunately, a reliable company is more than willing to show you some samples from their previous orders. If you require, for example, express t shirt printing in Singapore, being able to inspect actual products is a significant factor in determining the right store.

3. Price

Another factor you should always consider when looking for a company to provide you with a service is its price. Are they affordable given the quality of their products? Are they overcharging you? Is their pricing suspicious?

Additionally, account for the extra charges when you want a same day t shirt printing service in Singapore.

4. Return Policy

Lastly, you want to check their return policies if your order doesn’t meet your expectations. Generally, companies will offer to replace the products or refund your payment. Either way, you want to know what happens if you get unsatisfactory shirts.

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