5 Myths About Blackjack Debunked by Casino Experts

  • Due for a win


The players believe that even after they have lost a big sum, there are still odds for them to win. This very concept compels them to bet higher and higher every time they lose their bets. So, the players have to realize that the bet must be placed according to the gambling scene only when it is affordable for them to do so. Taking unnecessary risks is not worth it.


  • Reach as close to 21


This is a very common myth among the newbies as they are hardly familiar with the game. The myth deviates the player from the gist because they are focusing more on the scores, and getting their score as close to 21. Joker8899 advises that blackjack is not about the same, it is more about beating the dealer.


  • Assume that the dealer’s hole card is 10


Many players believe that the dealer has the highest score, and then they work towards it to beat him. This very myth makes them lose the sense of judgment, and he consistently makes the wrong decision while playing, which ruins the entire game eventually. 


  • Bad players make the table lose


When any player hits 14 when the up card only shows 3, then all players blame that very player for the loss. But this doesn’t portray your gaming spirit as a bad player can also turn around and make this game more interesting by adding new twists to it. Always remember that the bad players always offer you fair chances to win the game. So, stop blaming them.


  • Single deck blackjack is always profitable


If the rule for single and double blackjack is the same, then the former is more profitable. Most casinos don’t let single blackjack game as the profit shared in a single deck is very less. Hence, if the casinos don’t have this facility, then they can make some changes to make the game more profitable.