How do you set up a Hong Kong business offshore?.

Discover the advantages of forming an offshore Hong Kong corporation and take your business to new heights. Hong Kong is known as one of the best places to establish an offshore company, from being a location for entering Chinese and Asian markets to fostering one of the best business environments in the world. There are several benefits for international corporations to establish an offshore company in Hong Kong. The offshore company incorporation in Hong Kong usually takes 3-7 working days. See the Guide for further details.

How to establish an offshore business in Hong Kong?

The Hong Kong offshore company setup procedure should be as follows:

Check the commercial registration for the availability of the firm name.

The firm name can be written in either English or Chinese and must conclude with the word “limited.”

Determine your company’s share capital structure, including who will be shareholders and how many shares each will possess.

Determine who will serve as a director. This individual is the company’s administrator. File the business documentation, including the NNC1 Form of Incorporation.

Document filing with the company register:

Within 14 days of Hong Kong incorporation, fill the following papers with the company register: Notice of director and secretary appointments; permission to serve as a director; Other needed by the Trade Register, include a note on the registered address and other documentation.

Bank Accounts:

Opening a bank account for an offshore company is one of the most difficult challenges entrepreneurs confront. Many banks worldwide have prohibited the creation of bank accounts for offshore firms since early 2012. Recently, in 2018, several banks began to allow offshore corporations to create accounts for this sort of company. These are well-known and renowned multinational banks in unstable and stable nations such as Hong Kong and Singapore, such as HSBC Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, and OCBC Bank.

The criteria have now shifted to preventing money laundering and establishing worldwide norms for information exchange. The rules for creating bank accounts, like business regulations in offshore jurisdictions, and we need to be aware of these criteria to construct such bank accounts more effectively and efficiently for our customers.

Register with the Internal Revenue Service:

According to legislative requirements, an offshore business must register with the Department of Internal Revenue and get a company registration certificate within one month of its establishment in Hong Kong.

Available for Commercial Licence:

If you want to do business in Hong Kong, you should find out if the legal requirements need you to acquire a business license. If you need a business license, you must seek one from the authorities.

Steps following incorporation:

Following incorporation, you must create internal business documentation and cheat sheets. These business records get used for internal control and regulation, and they contain the following:

  • Certificates of Participation
  • Records of Registration
  • Significant Controller Corporate Charter
  • Articles of Incorporation of a Corporation
  • If appropriate, a corporate seal, a business license, and so on.

Most incorporation services comprise preparing these forms, maintaining business records, and assisting with continuing Compliance Requirements.