How Much Does a 300 Gallon Water Storage Tank Weigh?

Essentially, a 300 gallon water storage tank serves as a reservoir of clean water from a reverse osmosis system or other filter systems, ready for use. Water is dispensed on-demand from pressurized storage tanks, while a booster pump maintains pressure in atmospheric tanks. Water storage tanks are available in various sizes, designs, and specifications and can accommodate residential, commercial, industrial, or municipal functions.

What is a Water Storage Tank?

A water storage tank collects water and stores it for later use and timely access. Reverse osmosis systems work slowly, purifying water one drop at a time. A reverse osmosis storage tank ensures users can access water whenever needed, without waiting for the system to fill up a glass pokily.

Furthermore, many wells are low-pressure and low-recovery and get entrusted with supplying pressurized water to homes and businesses. Particularly, when a user turns on their shower or flushes their toilet, a well pressure tank guarantees that they have rapid access to pressurized water. They also protect the well pump from short-cycling, helping to extend its life.

How does a Water Storage Tank Work?

A 300 gallon water storage tank retains pure water from a reverse osmosis system until there is a demand for it in the home or commercial spaces. A water source, such as a well or a reverse osmosis system, is pumped into the tank. The water in the tank builds up until it gets filled. The storage tank gives quick access to water when needed, whether to fill a glass with crystal clear water, run a bath, or irrigate a field.

300 gallon water storage tanks have two main classifications: pressure tanks and atmospheric tanks. Pressure tanks get used in point-of-use applications such as reverse osmosis storage tanks. On the other hand, atmospheric tanks facilitate outdoor applications or large-scale municipal water storage operations.

Why are 300 Gallon Water Storage Tanks Elevated?

Atmospheric 300 gallon water storage tanks elevate to aid in the generation of water pressure. Gravity alone can trigger water pressure like massive water booster pumps if a water storage tank is lifted high enough.

Community water towers, for example, operate on this premise. The water is pumped into the water tower and held there until demand gets met. Because of its elevation, when a household turns on their faucet, the water tower can supply high-pressure water to their home.

The average height of a water tower is roughly 165 feet. Water takes on around 0.43 psi of pressure for every foot of downward flow; therefore, the water pressure reaches a showerhead and kitchen tap between 50 and 100 psi.

The city does not have to pay for large, expensive water pumps or the fuel to keep them operating because gravity does a lot of the work. Fortunately, you may do this at home as well. As the water gets driven out of the storage tank, keeping an atmospheric tank away from your home and at an elevation can increase water pressure.

What is the Weight of a 300 Gallon Water Storage Tank

As established, 300 gallon water storage tanks exist in various shapes, sizes, and layouts, as they get used in the water treatment industry for several applications. Typically, a vertical water storage tank with a capacity of 300 gallons is getting used for a wide range of water storage purposes, including rainwater collection, well water storage, emergency response, fire suppression, and high volume water delivery storage.

The majority of these tanks are made of plastic and earn rotationally molded polyethylene resin. It is sturdy, crack, chip, and rupture-resistant due to its seamless design. Furthermore, only FDA-approved resin that meets with FDA criteria 21 CFR 177.1520 (1) 3.1 and 3.2 for potable water storage is usable in the poly tank. In addition, its UV inhibitors help preserve liquid contents from direct sunlight, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The specific gravity rating of a typical 300 gallon vertical water storage tank is 1, making it suitable and safe for storing potable water. Moreover, an 18-inch threaded vented manway, 1.5-inch polypropylene female NPT bulkhead fitting input, and 2-inch polypropylene stainless steel bolted fitting with a siphon tube exit are standard on most of these tanks.

A three-year manufacturing warranty gets included in most vertical 300 gallon water storage tank purchases. In addition, there may be other fittings and customization choices available.


Water Storage tanks are both practical and economical. Now that a reasonable estimate of how much a 300 gallon water storage tank weighs has been established, individuals in charge of residential areas, commercial areas, and, most importantly, municipal regions can make informed decisions when water storage tanks get installed in the future.