If Social Distancing is Your Thing, These Jobs are for You

Under the gloom of the COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing has become the norm. While limiting contact with people might be stifling for some, others embrace the social distance, preferring a measure of solitude in their daily lives. If you are part of the latter, here are some jobs that might pique your interest.

Truck Driver

Long hours of just the road and you — a trucking career will give you the solitude you need, as well as a lot of cash. Truck driving jobs are not hard to come by, with most trucking companies struggling to fill their rosters. Rookie truckers are receiving first-year wages of around $55,000, and veteran drivers can usually bring home $80,000 or more.

Automation predictions have fallen mostly flat, and automated trucks will only provide a function similar to a plane’s autopilot. Expect easier trips once those trucks hit the road and expect lucrative wages, bonuses, and benefits the moment you sign up. Of course, you’ll need a commercial driver’s license and a bit of training to qualify as a trucker, but everything shouldn’t take more than three to four months to finish.


“Learn to code” was a thing a few years ago, but a career in coding/programming still brings in decent wages. With a bit of patience and training (three months should be enough), you can start typing away on your keyboard, creating code for your clients without necessarily meeting them. You can focus on making custom apps, designing websites, doing basic programming, or even running complex software. Join a boot camp, read a few books, or get online resources that can help you with your training. Coding typically pays more than $60,000 a year, so your few months of effort will reap big rewards.

Heavy Equipment Operator

Operating heavy machinery is a lot like being a truck driver. You’ll spend hours inside a huge machine — hopefully alone. Learn to operate cranes if you want the extra solitude, and you’re not afraid of heights. Heavy machine operators can earn $60,000 to $70,000 a year, with crane operators earning significantly more. Sixteen-hour workdays are not uncommon in large construction projects. So, you’ll need to be fit and have a bit of endurance. Of course, the overtime can inflate your salary by two to three times. Construction schedules will be hard on your social life, but this won’t be an issue if you’re an introvert.

Postman/Delivery Job

Walking a mile or two to deliver mail or driving for a few hours to deliver packages might seem like they involve social contact, but they don’t. Unless you initiate conversation, people won’t even give you a second glance. Delivery jobs typically pay wages of $40,000 to $60,000, and the only contact you’ll have is having someone sign a piece of paper. Consider these jobs if you don’t thrive having daily conversations with colleagues and clients. 

The need for social distancing might be over in a month or two, but you can keep at it with a job that doesn’t require extensive contact with people.