Kitchen Multi-Tasker

I’ve never owned a more versatile kitchen tool in all my life. I use it for just about everything. I never realized all of the things that I could do with it, but I am so happy that I learned. My own parents weren’t even aware of how much it could be used for until I brought it up to them.

 Before I delve into its many uses in my household, I will say that it becomes more of a multi-tasker with the different attachments that I’ve purchased from KitchenWorksUSA. They sell actual Cuisinart DLC-7 parts, so I’ve started a collection of different blades that all serve different purposes. In addition to that, I know where I can get any replacement parts if my continued use wears anything down.

My favorite way to use my Cuisinart food processor is to grind meat. I know that may not be at the top of everyone’s list, but for some reason store bought ground meat really bothers me. I just have no idea what could be in it and I feel better doing it myself. 

Next on my list is pureeing soups, especially in larger batches. I freeze it for meals to have on hand, and it works amazingly to make soups of all kinds. I do the same thing with sauces. The food processor allows me to bring the texture to my liking too. 

Making cookies, dough and pie crusts is another big one for me. They all come in handy around the holiday season. It cuts my cooking time down in a major way, which is optimal since time is of the essence when the holidays roll around. 

I make a lot of nut butters for my family, because they go through them fast. Store bought nut butters get expensive, and these don’t have all the preservatives that they do. They don’t last long anyway, so the preservatives aren’t necessary. Homemade nut butters outshine the store bought by far anyway.

I shred a lot of cheese with my Cuisinart food processor. I cannot stand pre-shredded cheese, but I also do not enjoy shredding cheese, so this is a perfect compromise for me. It’s super helpful when making a larger dish, like a casserole that calls for a lot of cheese. 

Cutting up vegetables with my food processor is a huge time saver too. It can take a long time doing them all by hand, especially with larger portions. I can shred, grate and chop, all I have to do is switch my blade to accommodate what I need. 

I turn old bread into breadcrumbs. So much bread goes to waste in my house. It’s also a good use for the ends of a loaf if no one likes it. I rarely buy breadcrumbs unless I need something very specific for a recipe. 

This isn’t a complete list of what my Cuisinart food processor can do, it’s really just a handful of things. There are plenty more different uses, but these are the major ones that are part of my routine. It’s such a great tool that has so many different uses and would be a great addition to any kitchen.