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Pros and cons of Tile flooring

There was a time when the concept of tiles was only restricted to kitchens and washrooms. But with innovations and advancement in home designs and styles, tiles flooring has now gone beyond that. In the past, tiles were only used in the areas of the home, where there was a need for durability, strength, moisture-resistant flooring. But now in the modern times you can install tiles in the living room, dining room and even bedroom to give a beautiful look. If anyone goes with tiles, there are many options to decorate the floor. The tiles are well-known for their variety of designs, shapes, colors and styles. The possibilities are endless for tile flooring ideas. If you are looking for a durable and attractive flooring option then you can go with tiles. The tiles are available in versatile materials. You can also mix and match different materials too. By showing your creativity, you can create a unique design and give the latest look to the home. In order to make the right decision, you have to know about the features of each material and then you can make a more sensible decision. However, the main pros and cons of the tile flooring are as follows.

Pros of tile flooring


Where there are a lot of flooring options and most of them are not tough, tile flooring comes with longevity. You can install tiles in the heavy foot traffic area without any hesitation. When it comes to the life of the tiles, they can run for 15-20 years or even more years in case of good maintenance, which proves that the tiles provide money’s worth.

Easy Maintenance

The main reason why people love tiles is its easy maintenance. There is no need to follow any precautions and difficult cleaning tips and methods. The tiles are extremely resistant to stains and they withstand daily wears and tears. The liquid, stains and dirt do not get absorbed in it and you can clean them easily by just mopping and sweeping. There is no restriction on the cleaning product, you can use any best cleaner to wash the tiles. After washing, they give the luxury appearance as new tiles every time.


The main benefit of the tile flooring is that tiles are water-proof, as there is a protective layer on the top of the material. Tiles are a blessing for those areas where there is a danger of floor damage from water, such as the basement, bathroom etc. Porcelain tiles are considered to be more water-resistant than other tiles. These tiles are not ruined in hot summer from the humidity because they are moisture-resistant. They are the perfect solution for the rooms for the places with high humidity conditions. Although, the lines between the tiles can be susceptible to moisture. You have to make sure that the lines are sealed properly.

Affordable Price

The tiles are made of different materials and the price of the tile depends on the materials. Those who have less budget can choose average quality material. So it would be wrong to say that low budget people can not go with tile flooring.

Cons of tile flooring


Tiles flooring is unable to provide a smooth surface for a walk in the home. The tiles are hard and having tiles you can not sit on the floor comfortably. For making the underfoot area comfortable you have to spend on the purchase of the carpet or the rug. Especially if you want to install tiles in the room of the kids.

Heavy Weight

Of course, the weight of the tile depends on the material. But, it is a fact that many tiles are heavier than other types of flooring. Tile flooring is not a perfect choice for the upper stories. If you have a desire to install the tile flooring in your upper portion then you should talk with experts. They will do the installation process professionally.

Difficult Installation

Unlike other types of flooring, the installation of the tile flooring is complicated. If you are a beginner then do not think to perform the installation with your hands. Hiring trained workers will be a good step. Although the prices of the tiles are affordable, due to the labor-intensive installation, it can become expensive for some people.