Ramps for aluminum vehicles and weight percentages

Aluminum ramps and cable ramps can come on foot, such as truck unloading ramps, and also as ramps for vehicles that allow vans, and some types of passenger vehicles from ground level at high entrances. As always, an observer is needed for use with these types of aluminum ramps.

It is also important to evaluate the capacity of the ramps you are using with the weight of the vehicles you need to load on the aluminum ramp. Some ramps have been valued at 5,500 pounds, while others have been rated as high as 7,000 pounds. This rating is the pair and not for the individual ramp – an important factor to consider when calculating your weight ratios.

Never attempt to exceed the nominal working height of the ramps. Moving vehicles may be a simple procedure, but the responsibility for cosmetic damage and other accidents may be higher if proper precautions are not followed. Remember to check the authorizations on your door before loading or unloading with the aluminum ramp. Remember that vehicles with mirrors, antennas, and other objects that stand out can catch on the sides or the roof of the door.

The automatic loader parts a mobile ramp

A mobile automatic loader ramp has all the usual qualities of fiberglass other loading ramps, but can be separated to facilitate the loading of a car in a truck. In terms of safety for the operation of this type, it is very important to have an assistant and the use of the e-brake once the vehicle has been parked inside the truck. Using a mobile ramp to load a vehicle is a simple operation, but workers must remember to connect the ramp to the truck using the safety chains provided with the loading ramp. Rubber parking blocks should also be used to prevent the vehicle from moving inside the truck.