Some factors to consider when choosing a breast cancer treatment team

After being diagnosed with breast cancer, one of the most crucial decisions to make is choosing your cancer treatment team. To have the best services, you require an experienced team such as a breast cancer treatment Orange County with specialists such as a medical oncologist, genetic counselor, breast surgeon, radiation oncologist, and plastic surgeon.

As a breast cancer patient, you should not rush into starting treatment immediately after diagnosis but take the time to select the specialists you require carefully. The following are factors to consider when looking for members of your treatment team:


It is important that the doctor listens to you and explains issues in a language you understand. You would wish to have a doctor who is open to questions and does not act dismissively to your suggestions about treatment options you have researched.

If possible, you should be accompanied by a family member or trusted friend along during your appointments to assist you in developing an impression of the physician. Moreover, remember that you may have to go for more than one appointment to conclude that you communicate well with your doctor.


A breast cancer patient should ensure that the doctor has the necessary experience and training. For instance, one should choose an oncologist and a surgeon specializing in breast cancer treatment rather than other cancers.

Responsiveness of office staff 

Good office staff should return your calls and be accessible. If getting booked for appointments and having your questions answered is frustrating, you might need to look for an alternative.