Waist Training – Meaning, Purpose, Myths, and Results

What is waist training ?

Waist training involves women wearing a waist trainer made up of thick fabric and hard metal boning to keep their flabs in shape. Worn around the midsection, a waist trainer is cinched up with a lacing system, Velcro, or hooks.

It’s intended to be worn tightly to give you a sleeker, slimmer, tonned, and a smaller waist. Results are seen immediately, but the actual “training” requires wearing the garment frequently for months.

How does waist training work?

A waist trainer is nothing but a wide elasticated belt that helps to hold your tummy to a smaller, firmer shape. There’s actually no science behind it, but some celebrities like Kim Kardashian swear by them.

Makers say that one should wear the waist trainer for about four hours every single day to get its benefits. Also, waist trainers increase the body temperature resulting in excessive sweating that results in weight loss.

Do waist trainers actually work?

Researches have shown that they don’t work – well, not at least in the way you hope it to work. Your waistline seems slimmer as soon as you put it on, but once it is removed, you go back to your original shape. Though, wearing it regularly and following a healthy diet might help to achieve long term slimming effects. So, as shape-wear, waist trainers at least have some merit and benefit. But, if you think this is as your short cut to get a toned figure, your expectations will never be met. There is absolutely nothing to prove that waist trainers can make you permanently slimmer.

Waist training is a great way to achieve the desired hourglass figure, but in no way can waist training substitute for exercising or leading a healthy life.